OH-IO Who lives in the Buckeye state

Discussion in 'The Observation Bar' started by Miss Jones, Feb 23, 2007.

  1. leaette

    leaette A-List Customer

    Pittsburgh, PA
    scuffy: look for me!
    my best friend and her nephew will be at the HJ display (Hitler Jugend/boy scouts). If I'm not walking around socializing, I'll most likely be there hanging out with her.
    Again, I'll be pushing a black stoller with a gold/black baby carrier attached to it.
  2. Scuffy

    Scuffy One of the Regulars

    Shores of Lake Erie
    I'll be there and I'll definitely look for ya!!! :D
  3. PistolPete1969

    PistolPete1969 One of the Regulars

    Wilds of Southern Ohio
    Ohio anyone?????

    Hello All-

    Is anyone else in here from Ohio? I myself live between Cincinnati & Dayton and would like to see if any fellow FL's would be interested in gathering.

    Just drop me a line and we can get the ball rolling.

  4. m_lamb99

    m_lamb99 New in Town

    Delaware, OH.
    Anyone from Ohio

    Looking for anyone in Ohio preferably central ohio that wears and or dresses in vintage fashions. My wife and I are somewhat new to the idea and are looking for local resources. I have been a big fan of the 40's and 50's for as long as can remember and have a huge colection of vintage lingerie and stockings. Lately I have been looking to take it to the next level but have been haveing trouble finding someone that can show her how to do a vintage hairstyle and makeup. Also looking for plus sized vintage clothing that wont break the bank.

    Mike & mona
  5. Helysoune

    Helysoune One of the Regulars

    Charlotte, NC
    Did I run into you at Meijer last night? If so, glad you found your way here! If not, welcome to the Lounge!

    There are oodles of resources on the web as far as dos and don'ts, and the Lounge here has tons of wonderful links. I personally have had good luck finding clothing at thrift stores, even Goodwill and the like. Most of these things aren't vintage, but if you take everything on a piece-by-piece basis and stick to the basics, you can outfit yourself in vintage-inspired style for a fraction of what real vintage would cost.

    There are some great threads in the Powder Room that spell out in detail the basics of the various vintage looks. Things like pencil skirts and cardigans, fit properly and combined with the right hair, makeup and jewelry, are versatile and easy to find. A well-cut suit (or jacket and skirt) is a must, in my opinion. Oh! And Beauty is a Thing of the Past is an amazing hairstyle resource. I have literally spent hours perusing the style guides posted there.
  6. jonepark

    jonepark New in Town

    I'm not deaf, but I'm going to college to get a career to work with the deaf. I have always been interested in the deaf culture, and I have several friends and family who are deaf and sign, but I'm learning.
  7. Curious to see who lives here in my adopted state of Ohio.

    *apologies if there is a thread for this, but after searching for a few hours, I now have a headache. :p
  8. Corto

    Corto A-List Customer

    216 here.
    ...just kidding...its not as bad as all that...it is what you make it...enjoy the seasons...
  9. scotrace

    scotrace Head Bartender Staff Member

    Small Town Ohio, USA

    I knew there were a bunch - thanks for the needed kick to merge (a few) of them! ;)
  10. Tango Yankee

    Tango Yankee Call Me a Cab

    Lucasville, OH
  11. You're welcome Scott :D
    I should have just asked you though :eusa_doh: :p
  12. lol I do love it here... Yes, I know that's odd :p

    Hiya Tom :D
    Thanks for the threads. It looks like someone took care of it already though ;)

    I hope more people own up to living here :)
  13. scotrace

    scotrace Head Bartender Staff Member

    Small Town Ohio, USA
    You can even read it now. ;)
  14. Yes you can :D
  15. Okay... I know for a fact that there are more Ohioans than this.... fess up :p
  16. Bump :)
  17. p71towny

    p71towny Familiar Face

    Fort Wayne, IN
    I'm about 10min from Van Wert, which is a pretty cool little town. I like to go to the VanDel Drive-In in the summer. It's about half way between Van Wert and Delphos.
  18. Red Tractors

    Red Tractors New in Town

    Ohio, USA
    A native son of the Great Black Swamp checking in, born and raised and trapped forever in the cornfields of North West Ohio.

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