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Old Home Recipes

Have you heard of H. Allen Smith's chili recipe?

It was introduced to the world in Holiday magazine in 1967 in an article titled "Nobody Knows More About Chili Than I Do".

In it he describes his love of chili which dates back to 1917 and the chili recipe he has been using to wow party goers since the twenties.

This article sparked a tempest in a chili pot when word reached Texas. The result was the world's first chili cook off in Terlingua Texas. The first of thousands of similar celebrations that have been held in various places ever since.

I'm a fan of Smith's writing, hope you enjoy the story as much as I do (complete with chili recipe)


I like his writing, but he knows more about quantum physics than he knows about making chili.


Familiar Face
near san francisco
my old school comfort food that my mom makes is: bacon cooked crispy, then fry corn and green bean in the bacon grease. chop it all up and mix together and serve over toast. dont know what its called but its good on a cold day.