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Optimo 1000, Mink And Beaver Fur Felt


I'll Lock Up
Mexico City
Listed on Ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/303055892057

Optimo 1000.

Super soft MINK & BEAVER felt.

Size 7-1/8 (or 57 European size). Color Porcelain White.

This Fedora is considered to be the finest of the finest Fedora in America. Made by Optimo of New York. A fedora that was custom made for myself that is of the highest caliber. Made in 2011. The (Style #1) Optimo crown is 4" in the front and 4 1/2' in the middle. The brim is 2 1/8". This hat is in very excellent used condition. It has been worn 4 times only. Only one VERY VERY small smudge that cannot be seen unless you know where to look, closely (it can be cleaned if you wished, possibly with an eraser). I never bothered because it was not seen. Regard the close-up picture of back . The Wind Trolley is tight. The black ribbon is perfect with a one-of-a-kind design. The sweatband and liner are perfect. The perfect hat for Formal Dining, a cruise, or to look your best. Comes with the original high-quality Optimo Hat Box (excellent condition). This hat holds it value. Paid $1100. Bidding starts at $400. Buy it now for $520.00 View attachment 155533 View attachment 155534 View attachment 155535 View attachment 155536 View attachment 155537 View attachment 155538 View attachment 155539 View attachment 155540 View attachment 155541
Optimo is in Chicago...

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