Orgueil Car Coat - Black Leather, size: 46 Japan, 56 US

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  1. Thizam

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    1A6AED04-BF92-40D4-9A3C-4F6DA7408DA5.jpeg 51687C1E-BB37-4706-85DA-5B1623C2CEFD.jpeg 9AD2BB8C-CC44-4C1C-953F-6C9BBD7B9FCB.jpeg 9D352831-1244-4251-8390-BE30E2047138.jpeg 78368C1F-AE8D-4203-AFA7-1B7E90368534.jpeg 08C463A5-2333-4D6C-827F-8C5F580D5EAA.jpeg 171D659E-676D-485E-A676-AC410A1ED1CA.jpeg EE4C2AA1-9C4C-4D0D-B319-4382F449BEDA.jpeg 0688E095-3449-4151-B272-67AE34590A16.jpeg 0A6090D9-9735-48C4-9459-E0B85A0F43D1.jpeg New Orgueil car coat for sale.

    I visited Tokyo and stumbled upon this jacket at the Orgueil store near Omotessando. It is absolutely beautiful; the quality is absolute top notch. Unfortunately at the time the store only stocked small sizes so I ended up leaving my name and email with the hope that they would contact me later once they had the larger sizes back in inventory.

    Fast forward 6 months and I get an email with good news - they have the larger sizes. I hesitate between the 44 and 46 and communicate via email. Since it’s Japanese sizing, the folks at Orgueil convince me to take the 46. Mistake! The jacket fits true to size and it’s much too large for me particularly after losing a few pounds (see dimensions below and on photos).

    I’ve kept it in storage for a year thinking that I would have it altered once COVID subsided. No luck, my favorite leather jacket maker won’t touch it: too much work to get to my size… My loss is your gain. The jacket has never been worn outside the house. It has no defect and the horsehide leather still needs to be broken. It retails new for anywhere between $ 1700 to over $ 2000+.

    Sale Price: $ 1,200 USD

    About the jacket:
    • 'Tea Core' Horse Hide - 1.3mm thickness
    • Color: Black - leather dyed in brown before final black dye applied
    • 100% Wool Serge Lining
    • Buttons Front
    • Two Jetted Hip Pockets
    • Zipped Chest Pocket
    • Two Internal Chest pockets
    • Adjustable Buttons Cuffs
    • Hidden Knitted Storm Cuffs
    • Buttoned Adjustable Tabs as Waist
    • Moulded Buttons
    • Tab Collar
    • Made in Japan

    24 in/61 cm

    29 in/73.7 cm

    21.5 in/54.6 cm

    Sleeve Length
    26 in/66 cm

    23 in/58.4 cm

    Contact me on this forum if interested. Thank you!
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  2. jonesy86

    jonesy86 I'll Lock Up

    Pretty unusual to see something out of Japan this big. Very nice offer, GLWS.
  3. Thizam

    Thizam New in Town

    Thanks. Yes very unusual for Japanese sizing not to be too small for Western frames.
  4. Rgcards

    Rgcards One of the Regulars

    I own the exact jacket. It a killer. As good as any Japanese jacket. A true bargain compared to freewheelers etc.
  5. Thizam

    Thizam New in Town

    Thanks. It is a killer. I’m bummed I won’t get to see it age!

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