Pixies and Bobs - Take the SHORTcut!

Discussion in 'Beauty' started by Viola, Oct 18, 2007.

  1. Viola

    Viola Call Me a Cab

    NSW, AUS
    Hi, ladies.

    I just enlisted in the U.S. Navy and will be shipping out by Feburary. And women need their hair cut to just above your shoulder at the longest, and honestly I wouldn't mind somewhat shorter just for ease of care if I'm getting very little sleep and not getting to wash it every day.

    I'm looking for short, easy cuts. I am not doing pin-curls or any of that during Basic, but it would be nice if I didn't look completely grotesque and if I could style into something cute.

    Ignore my avatar, my hair is currently past my shoulder-blades.

    Can I get suggestions on what to ask the stylist for? Or vintage-y pictures of things that are really short and not too carefully curled?
  2. Miss Neecerie

    Miss Neecerie I'll Lock Up

    The land of Sinatra, Hoboken

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