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    Thought I'd start a thread on these guys since so far there's nothing. Please feel free to post up pictures of pairs you own or anything else about your experiences with this company

    As per my understanding they have a few showrooms across Europe where you can view and try on only. Then you need to order from the site. They'll send them virtually anywhere, but not to China, which is where they're made and shipped from in the first instance, and where I am right now.

    I had a good long look around a showroom in Amsterdam this summer, and found the staff there to be exceptionally helpful. I subsequently ordered a pair of sunglasses and my first ever prescription glasses.

    These are the sunglasses, which I'm fairly pleased with. I opted for green lenses because I think these are the darkest option. Not sure how period correct this pair are, but I think they're more vintage than my wayfarer Raybans.

    These sunglasses are called Keira. I can post about the glasses later

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