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Discussion in 'WWII' started by BigBrother, Jul 27, 2021.

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    I need to replace some buttons on a tunic with the correct ones for Army/Army Air Corps. I talked to a collector friend of mine and, as always goes with these things, I learned a lot in a little!

    I found a really good deal on Etsy for buttons and due to a slight flub on the part of the seller, she is willing to sell me both of these collections (see attached) for the price of one. I have determined (well, more like my friend determined for me!) that the bright ones are too late. But by the same token, the ones on the left don’t seem to match the brightness and luster of all of the tunics’ buttons I see on eBay. I suspect they were never the right material but I don’t know.

    My friend told me that I could shine those ones up, but again I don’t think they were ever the right tint of gold. So what do you think? Should I get these? Can they in fact be restored to look like something correct?

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