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Discussion in 'Hats' started by Mobile Vulgus, Sep 5, 2010.

  1. Mobile Vulgus

    Mobile Vulgus One Too Many

    Can someone give me the lowdown on the various terms that Stetson uses to denote quality?

    What are their terms (like 3 X, etc.) and where does that put the quality at on an ascending scale? What's the name of their least level and their highest level?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. The X's mean what Stetson wants them to mean but never tells us what they mean. There has been a lot of research done & discussed here in the Lounge about the confusing labeling Stetson has done over the years. Do some searching. Use Google & put in the string.
    The top is a Stetson 100 followed by a 7X or 50 then comes the Stetson 25, 20 or Sovereign.
    The X's seem to mean more for the Stetson Western line of hats.
    Good luck...
  3. DarkAudit

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    West (by God) Virginia
    Well hmm. The band on my Nolton has a 3x mark.
  4. Mobile Vulgus

    Mobile Vulgus One Too Many

    That is exactly what I was afraid of.
  5. BanjoMerlin

    BanjoMerlin A-List Customer

    New Hampshire, USA
    All you have to do is ask Stetson.

    What do the X's mean?

    "The quality of the hat body used to make a hat is the main factor that determines the X’s. In felt it is determined by the percentage of fur’s used in making the hat body. We use beaver, mink, chinchilla and other animal fur to make bodies. The mixture of which furs we use determines the X’s. In straw, the X’s are also determined by the body used to make the hat. The tighter the weave and narrower the straw reed used to make the hat, the better X quality is marked in the hat."

    What percentage of beaver fur is in your hats?

    "The percentage of beaver is determined by the X quality of the product. The higher the X’s the higher percentage of beaver fur is mixed in the hat. Because of our efforts to remain the leading manufacturer in headwear, the exact percentages are a manufacturing secret formula that we choose not to share."
  6. zetwal

    zetwal I'll Lock Up

  7. Like I said, Stetson doesn't tell us what it vague can you be? [huh]
  8. 150719541

    150719541 One Too Many

    San Luis Potosi, SLP. Mexico

    I have understood wich the x´s means the fur felt or hair quality of what are made the hats. I don´t know if there are much difference between a 100 X and a Sovereing or 7 X, or a Resistol XXX beaver kitten finished, the diference at sense or touch is not notory. I have in my hats a Stetson Firenze, a Stetson western 10X, a Stetson Gun Club 4X, a Stetson termple sovereing and the difference is not easy find, the more finish to me is Firenze like silk finish and is a only Sovereing. It is my point of view.
    ;) ;) ;) ;)
  9. barrowjh

    barrowjh One Too Many

    Maryville Tennessee
    Dating Stetsons

    I think it is the Stetson thread on dating by price, but whichever Stetson thread, I remember seeing that there was a base level, then Royal, then Royal Deluxe, then 3X, then 7X (clear beaver). The Sovereign and Imperial figure in there somewhere, and eventually the '25' the '50' and the '100'. Inflation probably had something to do with the '25' and '50' designations and I don't know when those titles started being used.
  10. Lefty

    Lefty I'll Lock Up

    all of which are relative to the date of the hat.

    Pick a designation from any decade and compare it to the same designation a decade or two later, and they're not going to be the same.

    Most of this information is in the stickied threads - under Start Here.
  11. W4ASZ

    W4ASZ Practically Family

    Mr. Dean is quite right, and, if you expect to do many searches in the FL, which you will, bookmark the following page as a "favorite" in your browser :

    To search, click this "favorite" in your list, enter a space in the search box after "", and then enter your search terms.

    Many keystrokes are saved on each search. I think at least 19 and as many as 24.

    You must use the FL search engine in the community forums, and it is useful otherwise if google has directed you to a specific thread.

    I'm sure this all is "old hat" (sorry).

    See the Google searches sticky in the Observation Bar and the thread "Google Searches of the Fedora Lounge II," which dates from July and can be located manually or using the Fedora Lounge engine, but not Google. How odd is that ?

    The hat data are amazing on this site. :eusa_clap
  12. theinterchange

    theinterchange One Too Many

    Why do you ask?
    That sounds exactly like a phone conversation I had with a rep from a fishing rod company a few years back.

    Me- "What's the graphite content on X rod? Equivalent of another companies IM6, IM7??"

    Rep- "the exact percentages are a manufacturing secret formula that we choose not to share" [or words close enough to that effect]


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