R.M. Williams Comfort Craftsman Boot in Chestnut, size 10G

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    The R.M. Williams size is a 10 G. That equates to a US 11, a UK 10 and an EU 45. They are supposed to fit snug so they stretch to your feet. I bought these one size too large for my feet, so they are not stretched or fully ``broken in'' to my foot shape.
    I bought these in London less than one year ago, for 375 pounds. I always wore them with an insert, so they're still fresh on the interior. There is some light scuffing from motorcycle riding, but they polish up well (great boots for a Vespa, I wore them on Ducatis).
    The original soles are still in top condition and the elastic is still like-new -- not stretch or frayed in any way. The boots have been kept in cedar shoe trees, which are included in the auction!

    Here's the link! https://www.ebay.de/itm/333333574165

    I trust that members of the Fedora Lounge already know R.M. Williams boots, but here is the description from their website:

    ``The Comfort Craftsman is handcrafted in Adelaide, and can be worn as a light work boot or a dress boot. Crafted yearling leather and a rubber plain welt sole with a classic squared chisel toe. The inner boot features a comfort poron innersole.''
    • Yearling leather
    • Sewn welt non slip sole
    • Comfort insole
    • Padded heel lining
    • Double Branded tugs
    • Elastic sided boots
    • Chisel square toe
    • Flat heel
    • Crafted from one piece of leather
    • Made in Australia

      Click the link! https://www.ebay.de/itm/333333574165
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