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Real McCoy's not expensive enough for you? Try this...


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North West, UK
Gentlemen, I have made a shocking discovery.

For years, we have been berated by friends and family for spending "like, way too much money" on "stupid jackets". But we knew the quality. We knew the love and attention to detail that went into every piece. It was worth it to us. We love our jackets, despite the cost.

But it turns out we were mistaken. Our hobby is not expensive at all. In fact, it's positively cheap.

Next time you are told off for spending money on another jacket, show them this. Tell them to be thankful that you only buy jackets from cheap brands like Goodwear and The Real McCoy's.

I present to you, the Visvim N3 parka, featuring a luxurious acrylic blend faux fur hood. Yours for £4,320.

Be quick though, they've already sold out of size M, L and XL! (No, seriously, they have.)




Portland, OR
I have had 2. I spent a little less. While in the USN I got one for $10 from a guy who was transferring out. It came in handy in Japan and Korea during the winter on the flight line.
My current one came from ebay and it is an identical issued parka to the one I had in the Navy. I got it for a lofty price of $60.

Americanaaa Mark

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Eh, honestly a lot of brands here are probably past the point of price/quality and into hype/brand. I'm not into visvim cause all their shit is boring except a few pieces that don't look anywhere as good as the brands I buy from but I know I'm buying into the hype just as much as visvim fans, just at a lower point.