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Rechargeable, Emergency Light Bulbs


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Rechargeable light bulbs? Really, these things work. Vija bought some awhile ago, and we had our first opportunity to use them during our recent 24 hour power outage. She bought a box of them off QVC, in various sizes and wattages. All you have to do is have them in a lamp before the power outage and they will be charged when the power goes out. Then just turn on the lamp and you will have a lighted room even though you have no electrical supply.

Ours remained lighted for about seven hours with a very bright light. Most advertised today come with their own socket, so you can hang them anywhere, or use them as a flashlight, or use them in one of your existing lamps or ceiling fans.

They're not cheap, costing about $25 to $30 for four. And, from what I read, they are expected to deliver 3 - 5 hours of light when charged.

They work well, and help keep everyone from stumbling around the house when the power is out. Of course, Amazon has lots to choose from.

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I trust they are LEDs, then?

I may well get some. Yeah, they ain’t cheap, but if they last as long as the LEDs I’ve already bought, it’s easy to justify the expenditure.

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