Red Wing Blacksmith Black Prairie.(Sold)

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by dannyk, Oct 27, 2020.

  1. dannyk

    dannyk One Too Many

    2B1EE9B7-4047-41DD-AB8C-AEBA21241564.jpeg E539349C-B8C0-41E4-896A-9553ABD6DF51.jpeg B3CED32E-3698-48AA-B37C-BEA28F6BB069.jpeg DF3A8305-5422-4095-85E8-25150FA844B9.jpeg D6F9154D-97CE-43F2-A343-45A12BD3730C.jpeg B3CED32E-3698-48AA-B37C-BEA28F6BB069.jpeg 44A9DD72-0B0A-4C20-96E1-E895EEF44112.jpeg 1C67EF7F-4618-4426-B8DF-7C9091DB0AE2.jpeg Hey Loungers,

    I have a very gently worn pair of Blacksmiths in the Black Prairie leather in US size 8.5 I went with black prairie over Klondike they have in other models because from photos and reviews I decided that these age much more nicely. It looks like Klondike’s have more chips and cracks as they age while these simply scuff away.

    They’ve been worn about 5 times for a few hours each time. They have not even fully formed to my footbed. These have damn near all the life left in them. I’m only selling them because this last which is the same as the Iron Ranger is just not my friend. My left foot is about a half size smaller than my right. Depending on the last shoes/boots work or they don’t for me. This last just doesn’t. I tried to make it work and just can’t.

    The photos show the very limited wear and the very few spots a spec of brown is showing. These are Whites Leather Laces that I bought and hoped they would match and I feel I nailed it! Haha. They are yours too. These retail for 300 plus taxes, so I could 100% go on Grailed or Reddit and sell these for a ton. But I’m lazy and I like TFL. So for you guys I will sell them for 120, and you pay shipping.
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  2. Lebowski

    Lebowski This guy has numerous complaints from sellers.

    Hey Dannyk,
    they go a whole size bigger, correct?
    PM sent.
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  3. AeroFan_07

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    Red Wings such as these & Iorn Rangers typically run true to size. I am ~ 11.5 -12 and RW's I am right at 11.5. If that helps.

    Nice boots Danny - wish they were a bit larger. heck of a price for these!
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