Rocky (1976)

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    The robe was two sizes too big. The hat was a size too small. The shorts were the wrong color. Fairy tales aren't tailored for the nobodies of Fishtown, Philadelphia. Fairy tales aren't written for ugly people in ugly towns competing in an ugly sport and despite a similar shoe size, Sylvester Stallone is not Cinderella.

    My newest review on It's Okay With Me is on Rocky (1976).

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    For The Fedora Lounge, I have this to say:

    Since the actors dressed their own characters, it was Sly that brought in the black fedora from a local Philly second-hand store. Stallone thought the hat would be a perfect addition to his character's "armor," but producers Winkler and Chartoff vetoed the accessory because "Gene Hackman wore a hat in The French Connection."

    Stallone continued to lobby for the fedora, saying that if one guy wears a hat in one movie, does that ruin it for everyone else? And eventually, Sly got his way and Rocky Balboa got to wear his beat up, black fedora throughout the movie.

    Do you think the hat is worthy addition to Rocky's wardrobe?

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