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RULES OF THE HOUSE (To serve, support and protect all our great members in here)

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I'll Lock Up
EDIT NOTE: The below rules were promulgated by Paddy, our original bartender for this room, back in 2008. His comments are still valid, so I thought I would make them more visible and give the rules a place at the top of this forum. Peacoat

Members of TFL in this room are expected to treat each other and the Bartenders with respect. It's not a choice, it's what is expected of you by us and all the other members when 'you' decide to walk in here ;) .
For the most part, this is not a problem and works exceptionally well, as the vast majority of our members are well-reasoned, good-natured and mature people who have a love for vintage outerwear and just want to share their knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject and meet with like minded others, without fear of feeling uncomfortable, harassed or bullied. :)

Our members have displayed time-and-time again that civility and politeness can run hand in hand with honesty and integrity. "It works for us!"

However, sadly there may be times when there are individuals of a minority mindset who arrogantly think that they are above the rules and feelings of others and may feel that it is acceptable to be disrespectful, threatening and to berate others and undermine the good nature of a particular thread and so by default TFL as a community.

WRONG: This will not be tolerated, they will not be welcomed. And in some cases, membership will be revoked and that individual shown the door.

This is NOT a public soapbox to use as a means of ridiculing and attacking others.

Unlike other areas of the WWW where personal attacks, bunfights or harrassment from the anonymous safety of a computer half way around the world is seen as acceptable, IN HERE IT IS NOT and will bring into question whether 'this' is the right forum for you.

This 'will' bring the FULL FORCE of the management team from down on high like a proverbial 'tonne of bricks,' without mercy.

"If you have a problem with these boundaries, then 'here' is not the place for you and we suggest you turn around and walk out the door, before you are guided there with a hand on your shoulder." I and my colleagues will even hold the door open for you.

Through years of hard work the members and management team have created a very unique oasis of civility here on the internet where an internationally wide cross section of age groups, genders and cultures can communicate and share in a peaceful and safe environment their love for vintage things associated with the 'Golden Era.' The Lounge is family oriented, so be mindful of this in using appropriate language in your posts as well as the content of your posts.

VENDORS - Those who come here just to sell their wares (with 12,000+ members and rising, we are quite a captive audience to Golden Era items!).

PLEASE NOTE that you are more than welcome at TFL, however you MUST register as a VENDOR and post your items in the designated MERCHANTS Room.

What about advertising?

Companies are not allowed to promote their goods or services in the general forums, such as Outerwear, have signatures or post in the classified forum unless they are a sponsor. Companies that help support this joint by advertising through banners are called Sponsors and do have that privilege, provided it is not over done. Also Vendor and Sponsors can post in the merchants forum. If this is something you are interested in, contact @Nathan Flowers for details.

We enjoy having fun in here and sharing what we love about vintage things (That's CLASSIC and VINTAGE, 'NOT' modern poly-carbonate-whatevers! Leave that to 'other Forums.').

We are very proud and protective of what has been achieved and we intend to keep it that way for the safety and enjoyment of ALL our GREAT MEMBERS :eusa_clap .

This is a PRIVATE CLUB (It's privately owned and paid for), so behave with respect, civility and decorum to the Management, the Members and the Club, as you would do in any 'Private Club' around the World.

What makes it special is that it's unique to the rest of the 'internet.' You'll get that feeling pretty quickly as a Member *here.*

Ladies & Gentlemen: You earn your right to be here and voice your opinions here. It's an 'old fashioned' meritocracy, not a democracy and the Bartender's voice and that of the Management Team is final, without recourse. Occasionally messages will be deleted, as will threads. Also threads may occasionally be locked. These actions are taken to uphold the principles and values of the Lounge.

When a thread is locked, or a message deleted, do not attempt to continue the discussion in another thread. Normally, the specific reason for these actions will not be given. Sometimes the reason is obvious to most members; sometimes it may not be. The actions are done at the discretion of the bartenders to maintain the character of The Fedora Lounge.

Thanks for sparing the time to read and give consideration to this as you journey your way through the multitude of information we have gathered to share on TFL.

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