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Discussion in 'The Observation Bar' started by Jack Scorpion, Dec 13, 2008.

  1. Jack Scorpion

    Jack Scorpion One Too Many

    Hiya hepcats and kittens,

    If y'all recognize the moniker, Hiya hepcats and kittens,

    I know I haven't been around the boards lately. Mostly, I've just fallen out of discussion board following in general. That happens from time to time. However, thinking on it... I've been living the lifestyle less lately. Even my old movie watching is at an all time low! I hope that will change soon and you'll be seeing more of me.


    You may notice my <---location. That's changing soon. I am moving to San Diego to live with a special gal in February. She's finishing up school down there and I'm itching for a new city. Not that I've in anyway seen all that LA can give... but San Diego is almost completely new to me! I've been there once in my adult life.

    I've been drilling friends who've lived in San Diego or have been to San Diego. Where to eat? Where to hang out? Where to make friends? What beach is best? Etc. Etc. Etc.

    You! San Diego local! (or San Diego experienced!)

    What are some good restaurants?
    What are some good hangouts?
    What are some good bars?
    What are some good secrets?
    What are some good movie theaters? (revivals?)

    I will be living in North Park or Hillcrest most likely, but I would like to explore the greater area, too.

    A good way to meet new friends?
    Who are you?
    Wanna hang out?

    I am putting together a list before I get down there. I appreciate any advice.

    Thanks loungers!

  2. Emer

    Emer One of the Regulars

    San Diego, CA

    We just recently moved back to the area (lived out east for a few years) so I'm not keen to the best places to go anymore. You'll be living in a pretty jumping area, so you shouldn't be left without things to do! Hope you enjoy San Diego!

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