Schott G-1,46, military-issue, NICE! $179

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by thor, Dec 1, 2018.

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    I have this for sale on eBay; it is a genuine military-issue G-1 leather flight jacket made by Schott.

    These are pretty rare jackets since, as far as I know, Schott only had one contract for the G-1 jacket, dated to 1998.

    Overall the jacket is in extremely good condition, and it’s a nice large size.


    Armpit to armpit: 24 inches

    Sleeve: 27 inches

    Back length: 26 inch
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    this is a 2yr old thread, but i'm looking up schott mil issued G-1s...BEEEEECAUSE...i just got one on is a 46. it is exact to this one including the slightly off and lowered left hand patch pocket (camera right). i do know it isn't the one i just bought because the black stamp on the collar tag is 04 in mine, and is 14 in this one. and i had indeed checked the military contract prior to buying, and indeed 1998. yes, schott's only G-1 contract for the military. had to chime in with that info upon seeing this. bizarre how the left pocket is slightly lowered on the left corner. i've read, here as well as other places, that specs have the right hand pocket places just slightly higher than the left, so that may be why it was done...but on other G-1s that do this, it's more straight across. anyway, glad to see mine was more a production characteristic vs accident. the jacket is beautiful and i do believe very rare given this is schott's only contract. thanks for the post! hope you got a good price for it. mine in jan 2021 cost me $350 and is in very slightly used shape, kinda like this.
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