Sears Oakbrook Steerhide D Pocket, early 60s, 42

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by JMax, Dec 1, 2021.

  1. JMax

    JMax I'll Lock Up

    Early 60s Sears Oakbrook. Great jacket, I just reach for the Hercs first.

    Awesome steerhide. Not the typical steer used by Oakbrook or other 60s makers. Different, imo nicer. I cannot recall seeing another Oakbrook in this hide.
    Label in pocket 42.
    A bunch of French seams.
    Liner perfect
    Corduroy along interior of hem
    Talon sleeve zips
    Talon main zip stopper but pull is a little YKK.
    A couple of loose stitches at the back of the jacket, right at the bottom hem. Easy fix.

    $225 shipped US. $275 outside of US. PayPal F&F

    measurements coming soon.

    F7D27AD3-F07C-4FD2-8F60-DE825D84820C.jpeg 9BD17FB1-A113-4C48-A258-1204ACB9CFAB.jpeg B3E93B37-5B7A-4EFF-87D5-6ABC70CE69A1.jpeg CD024665-9FB9-4FD8-98A7-C8E3AD349B05.jpeg 290689DE-3888-4CC1-90A8-E64160A189BD.jpeg 64D8E2FD-4796-4E8B-8658-19130F968BFB.jpeg C352C60A-5AC5-4FB5-B96B-121C8C954393.jpeg 11790F27-A203-49BA-9F68-01532295AD5D.jpeg
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  2. JMax

    JMax I'll Lock Up

    Measurements. Forgot to mention the little pin holes in the chest.

    D5086367-D09C-4D11-9C20-79E9B2A9EE4F.jpeg AEC11F3A-1D87-4B19-A274-A445BE4C5FE0.jpeg 5ECE4FB1-EE98-4744-A68B-AFE6317B7520.jpeg 3FC4EFAD-6307-46A4-A674-2236A9EB8753.jpeg 98717203-6186-44E0-9619-C090FCC18454.jpeg 19FD9CE2-9715-435B-A547-2C1E08BCB6A2.jpeg F9F257AC-5C5A-4DEE-89D1-F75187F07864.jpeg C3682A8B-220B-4A92-9A0C-402EE495814F.jpeg 8C2AD7D4-FF96-4001-AE10-4CE51BF8BF0C.jpeg
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  3. lina

    lina Practically Family

    Washington DC
    I’m not looking for a D pocket, but if I were I would jump on this one. I think it’s just a classic look. I’ve always liked the red quilted lining.
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  4. JMax

    JMax I'll Lock Up

    $185 shipped. Just offered that on eBay for some reason- so figure I’d post it here.
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  5. JMax

    JMax I'll Lock Up

    Up before it gets too far out
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  6. JMax

    JMax I'll Lock Up

    Sold. Off on a fantastic voyage. Thanks all.
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