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SHIP BOOKS: Dirigibles, Californian, Lusitania, German Fleet


One Too Many
Northern Virginia
I have some books about ships in days of yore for offer:

The Grand Scuttle: The Sinking of the German Fleet at Scapa Flow in 1919 by Dan van der Vat, Hodder and Stoughton, 1982, Hardback. "At Scapa Flow on 21 June 1919, the German High Seas Fleet, one of the most formidable ever built and prime cause of the Great War, was deliberately sent to the bottom of the British Grand Fleet's principal anchorage at Orkney by its own officers and men." In very good condition, some shelf wear on the DJ, brief notes by the previous owner on the fly, 5 lines have been highlighted and there is an embossed library seal on the second page in. $15.00, includes shipping media mail.

The Ship That Stood Still: The Californian and her mysterious role in the Titanic disaster by Leslie Reade, W.W. Norton & Company, 1993, Hardback. "A masterful and thrilling narrative of that cold April night in 1912 and of the critical events that led up to what has become known as the Californian Incident. Private interviews with key figures in the tragedy provide important and conclusive evidence." The book itself is in very good condition, there are a handful of highlighted sentences and a few scattered notes, along with an embossed library stamp. $12.00, includes shipping media mail.

The Great Dirigibles: Their Triumphs & Disasters by John Toland, Dover Publications, 1972, Hardback. Previously published as Ships in the Sky: The Story of the Great Dirigibles. "Daring flights of early pioneers, descriptions of great American airships, much more — beginning with pioneer invention by Dr. Solomon Andrews in 1865 and ending with the Hindenburg crash in 1937." "...a dramatic account of a lost cause and the heroic men who fought to keep it alive." The book is in very good condition, there is one page with some underlining of a few sentences. $8.00, includes shipping media mail.

The Last Voyage of the Lusitania by A. A. and Mary Hoehling, Henry Holt, 1991, Hardback. "Chronicles one of the greatest sea tragedies of our time." In very good condition, there is an inscription to the precious owner and an embossed library seal on the fly. $10.00, includes media mail shipping.

Zepplin, a novel by Ronald Florence, Arbor House, 1982, Hardcover. "Set against a backdrop of a world moving toward WWII... Zeppelin is a recreation of an historic time as well as a story as memorable as the man and woman who made it happen against all odds." It has a very nice Art Deco cover design, and is in very good shape, some shelf wear to the DJ. $10.00, includes media mail shipping.

Lusitania, a novel by David Butler, Random House, 1982, Hardcover. "She was his. He thought of her, sleek, aristocratic, so beautiful the very sight of her stopped his breath. So many men admired her and wanted her. And she was his!" In very good shape, some shelf wear to the DJ. $10.00, includes media mail shipping.

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