Shorter-length hairstyles?

Discussion in 'Beauty' started by Angelicious, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. Angelicious

    Angelicious One of the Regulars

    Rainy ol' New Zealand
    I'm making this a separate thread so that it will either become a handy reference for people with hair above shoulder length, or someone can answer my question with "Check this thread and this thread" and then one of our lovely helpful bartenders can delete this one. :)

    I recently cut most of my hair off, from mid-back to about chin-length. But it's thinner and shorter at the back than the front...

    With a straightener, I can get a sleek '20s bob, if I could figure out how to mock-marcel or fingerwave I'm sure I could attempt something '30s ish. I would like to try something like in these some of these photos of Bette Davis . Can anyone with more nous than I say if these are fingerwaves or pincurls? :eusa_doh:

    But previously being a rolls'n'snood kind of a gal, I'm a little at a loss of how to get a nice '40s look with such short hair... Can it be done?

    Thanks! :D
  2. magneto

    magneto Practically Family

    Port Chicago, Calif.
    Hi Angelicious, do you mean the pics with flatter waves that curl in an S-shape like this:
    Those are fingerwaves, if you have someone else to help you or are at the hairdresser's you can shape them with a comb by pushing and stretching the hair into shape and anchoring the "indents" with wave clips while it dries. There are instructions on and other sites.

    If you have your hair set this way, you can make it last for days by damping your hair at night, putting in wave clips to maintain the "impressions" and sleeping on it.

    You can also achieve the effect by setting your hair in pincurls that are arranged in horizontal rows around your head; the top row will have the curls wound in one direction, the row below will be wound in the opposite direction, and so on down to your neck; this produces the S-waves.

    I used to have the exact haircut as you; what I would do most days is make fingerwaves just around my face for that really curvy look as in the picture above, but just curl the ends in and forward around the back and sides. I wear a hat every day so all you'd see is the nice waved part :)

    Hope this gives you some ideas. The other hair topics may provide more inspiration.
    Cheers, Ellie.
  3. Angelicious

    Angelicious One of the Regulars

    Rainy ol' New Zealand
    Nope, no-one else to help me, and I don't know of any hairdressers locally that will do such things (and I don't know how much hairdressers cost in the UK and US, but here I don't often have a spare $50 to splurge!). I live in a very casual environment, where anything more than a ponytail and a bit of lip gloss will get an enquiring look. [huh]

    Err, ye-esss... I must be a hair dunce, because I have the devil of a time understanding the written instructions! I'm hoping that I can find a pack of bobby pins* and it will make more sense in practice than in theory.
    *Have yet to find pin curl clips hereabouts...

    Oh, there's an idea I should have noticed! Hats... I just found out someone I know is an apprentice millener, so I might eventually get a nice one. (Not much vintage in shops locally).

    Thanks for your ideas. :)
  4. V For Vixen

    V For Vixen New in Town

    United Kingdom
    Ride out the enquiring looks - enjoy your interesting status!! They go with the territory - I've had several odd looks in Asda (erm... your Walmart!)... Enjoy being different!!

  5. Maria

    Maria New in Town

    Rio de Janeiro
    Angelicious, those are fingerwaves, and they're so easy to do! :)

    Check this out:

    You can also achieve S-waves by pin curling your hair - like Magneto said. But pin curls take much more time to do than finger waves with a comb.
  6. fortworthgal

    fortworthgal Call Me a Cab

    Panther City
    I have fairly short hair that is styled in a cute, but very modern, haircut. The back of my hair isn't long enough to do pincurls, so I'm definitely going to try fingerwaves. It looks very easy compared to many of the other vintage styling techniques! My hair holds a curl very, very well so I think it'll work nicely. I printed out the instructions from Revamp Vintage, and the ones posted above as well.

    I may try it this weekend. If I do, I'll be sure to post pictures!
  7. RetroMom

    RetroMom One of the Regulars

    I have very short hair too.

    I like the idea of the finger waves framing the face. My hair is stick straight so I just bought some wave clamps ( I think that's what they are called), hopefully they will make the wave stay in longer.

    I remember my aunt using them to set her hair in waves. She wore her hair in the same style since the 40's, and I think she even had the original clamps!

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