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Show your graining

Is this a SEARS LEATHER SHOP or an Oakbrook or other sub-brand. I haven't seen many (if any) quality SEARS made CRs. This grain looks MUCH nicer than what I have seen. Obviously they have other jackets that are of good quality. I'm curious about the Sears CRs.....

It didn't have a label but I identified it as Sears. Actually, come to think of it, I'm not 100% sure it is Sears but all the details were there. . .
This jacket was really, really beautiful & quality-wise, it was on par with Vanson. Leather was among the best I've seen on a vintage jacket. Full of natural character and very heavy & all the other material was good.
Sadly, the jacket was much too large for me. I think it was a 44 or a 46. I wore it for a while during the winter but passed it on since.


I have another one that's equally beautiful, only a lot lighter. Not even close as heavy as the one above but also a very gorgeous jacket. That one is an Oakbrook label.

It's like the one above was a winter version and this one is a summer version.

Funny thing, though - of all the jackets that I've had, two that always remained in the collection were both Sears (D-pocket and this CR) & I regret selling the one in the post above. I honestly don't think I would've ever had a need for another jacket with these three around.



One Too Many
Very interesting. Could you please post these in the Sears Motorcycle History Thread????:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: I was just asking Terry about these a couple of days ago and saying how I haven't seen many around and here you go posting TWO!!!!!!

Interesting design aspects on that Oakbrook----Straight Chest Zips with the flap covering the zipper tracks---those almost look like an inner pocket lining. Also the Hips with those side cuts on both jackets is unique for Cafe Racers. You see them with different adjusters there to cinch that area --- some Lescos and Old Orchard/Brandeds have zippers there for expansion and mobility but you don't often see the hip side cuts (for lack of a better or more correct term).

Hide quality looks interestingly decent as well. If you could just post some pics of these in that Sears Thread that would add some good info to that thread. Not much out there on Sears CRs. ;)


I'll Lock Up
My jacket didn’t come with a label, but was sold to me as a Hercules, and I have a photo of the exact same jacket with a Hercules label from a few years back on eBay.
View attachment 289076
...Well, today I found this:
View attachment 289075
Also my jacket...complete with channel for the belt and Conmar zips.

That helps confirm the connection between Sears Brands and Appalachian. I know they made certain Oakbrook and Sears Fieldmaster jackets. Like your experience, I found the same jacket labeled as Appalachian, Oakbrook and Sears Fieldmaster.

I have long suspected that Appalachian made some of the Sears Hercules motorcycle jackets. I believe they made jackets for Montgomery Ward and probably J.C.Penney. The same Leather tag/label is used briefly in the early 50s on Appalachian, JC penney, and Sears jackets.

I also learned today about a connection between early Sportclad and Kurland MC jackets thanks to @Mysteryo.

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