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sleeve alteration video


One Too Many
claremont california
This guy is really good at what he does. Not a perfectionist with the stitch holes and all that, but you can tell he's really passionate. Clever way to tackle a sleeve extension. I can watch stuff like this all day:

That is a cool video. In the past, I contacted his business regarding a particular job I had for my shell cordovan boot repair. Spoke to another person who was answering the phones. The person answering the phones did not have a clue and was able to answer any questions I had for him. I asked to speak to Bedo but he does not speak over the phone. In true honesty, those types of jobs are hard to do. There is a person who I know does excellent work of this type. He used to set up shop at track events. He repaired and removes complete panels. If anyone is interested, I can give you his info. He does excellent work and his prices are very good.

Lastly, a shortening of the sleeves is a job that often is overcharged by some leather workers. Most biker jacket types have a middle zipper panel that functions well. However, its real advantage is to provide a repair point that allows for "factory" finish repair.

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