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Slotted scabbard?

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by Naphtali, Sep 16, 2017.

  1. Naphtali

    Naphtali Practically Family

    Seeley Lake, Montana
    I have used a multitool on-and-off for decades - and have been fighting with them for nearly as long. My problem is their utility metamorphosed into a "gotcha" from the day I added the [given tool's] set of bonus wrench/tool combination set. I insert this bonus collection behind the multitool in the same leather pouch. This renders an extremely useful complete set of tools/wrenches/pliers/et al. as convenient to carry. And it is convenient to carry. But when it's time to use the multitool, that carrying convenience becomes a pain. I often have the bonus set drop to the ground (and a couple of times into Salmon Lake) when withdrawing the multitool from its scabbard. Both items come out while I can control only one of them. My obvious solution is to use a leather pouch that has receptacles for multitool and bonus set superimposed one behind the other. Superimposed will take less space and therefore be more convenient to carry with much less likelihood of my usual problem.

    But I cannot identify such a slotted scabbard, and I don't want to pay to have such scabbard custom made. My current multitool is SOG S61-1 PowerLock® plus SOG 13-piece Hex Bit Accessory Kit. If anyone has a solution for my problem, or useful insight, please let me know.

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