Snot Rags?

Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by Cody Pendant, Jan 12, 2009.

[B][I]Do you use a "Snot Rag" ?, and what's it’s primary usage? [/I][/B]

  1. Yes, I carry and use my hanky!

  2. No, that is a disgusting thing to carry around!

  3. I blow my honker with it!

  4. I wipe the sweat off my brow with it!

  5. I use it for both.

  6. I offer it to a "lady in distress"

  7. As a Lady I have; "dropped my hanky", to get a man's attention!

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  8. I keep it as a "white flag" in case I have to surrender!

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  1. Sure. If you drop a large pile of books on him. ;) :p
  2. LizzieMaine

    LizzieMaine Bartender

    I always carry a hanky -- for some reason I have always really really disliked the feeling of tissue paper. I don't know why, but it's actually a sort of tactile revulsion when I pick it up. Probably some deeply suppressed childhood trauma involving a box of Kleenex.
  3. Could be the same reason I don't use it---blow outs. :eusa_doh: They just aren't as strong as cloth and they feel strange---kind of cloth but not. Like blowing your nose with felt. [huh]
  4. Warbaby

    Warbaby One Too Many

    The Wilds of Vancouver Island
    I always carry a couple of handkerchiefs, but not for snot. They're for cleaning my glasses, loupe, and camera lenses, wiping spills from lapels and neckties, and all those other things for which one often needs a soft cloth. Oh - and of course, for handing to a weeping damsel.
  5. Ms. McGraw

    Ms. McGraw One of the Regulars

    I prefer them to Kleenex but don't use them everyday. I have a bag of old, well worn hankies on reserve for very special occasions. They were my Papa Glen's. He carried one and used it everyday and something I very much remember from my childhood. They aren't fancy but they were his. I'm gonna carry one as my something borrowed when I go down the aisle.
  6. Caity Lynn

    Caity Lynn Practically Family

    I mean to get myself some hankies, but unfortunately, I'm not the "frilly" type of gal, (much to my dismay) I would feel guilty using a lacy hankie, and I know better than to buy a pack if blue or red ones like my brother and father, one time in the wash and I'd never see them again, they'd be in aforementioned males pockets. Perhaps I could find just a nice hearty white hankie and put a little embroidery on it, it would last...and be useful for Damsels in distress, as I'm the one who all my gal-pals come to to cry, and I hate having to find them a tissue, more often than not I wipe tears away with my sleeve.The one time I recall crying in public with a gentleman around he wasn't carrying a hankie, although he did offer to by me an ice cream:rolleyes: lol
  7. Eva Morsikova

    Eva Morsikova Familiar Face

    Yorba Linda, CA
    Aww, that's a sweet gesture. :)

    After reading all these reasons to have a handkerchief, I may consider getting one. Yay, practicality!
  8. raiderrescuer

    raiderrescuer One of the Regulars

    Salem Oregon
    I always carry a handkerchief, a small pocket knife and wallet.
    Something I picked up from my Dad and Uncles.
  9. carter

    carter I'll Lock Up

    Corsicana, TX
  10. Do we have a "Show us your vintage hankies" thread yet? I have a few I could photograph, and I'm sure there are others...
  11. BlindeMan

    BlindeMan Familiar Face

    My wife and I recently brought our 7-month-old daughter back home to Portland for Christmas. Of course, this being Samantha's first year on the planet, she is experiencing a perpetual cold. Mucus has become our enemy. Shortly after we arrived, my father gave Jenny and I a pair of handkerchiefs. For as long as I can recall dad has always carried one with him.

    Samantha has always freaked out when we try to wipe her nose with tissue - she turns her head away, she cries, and she acts, in general, as if we were torturing her.

    With dad's handkerchiefs she lets us wipe away with a minimum of fuss. I can't recall where Samantha experienced a truly traumatic incident with Kleenex, though. Maybe there is a tissue terror gene?
  12. Sefton

    Sefton Call Me a Cab

    Yes, always. And if you ever travel to Japan I recommend bringing several. In the U.S. we expect public restrooms and restaurants to always have napkins or towels. Not so in Japan. Lots of handerchiefs in use there (I guess they don't remember those lyrics from "Flower Drum Song").
  13. Sefton

    Sefton Call Me a Cab

    If I carry a blue polka-dot hanky I can't surrender, but I can be taken hostage.
  14. JupitersDarling

    JupitersDarling One of the Regulars

    South Carolina
    I do use younger vintage or modern hankies, including several that used to be my grandmother's with minor holes and/or stains that I don't feel bad using for nose blowing or face-blotting. I remember she always had a pretty flowered hanky in her purse or pocket- and she would use them too! I prefer handkerchiefs for their lack of "blowout".
  15. 4and1

    4and1 One of the Regulars

    central coast CA
    Never go dancing without one...or two.
  16. Lady Day

    Lady Day I'll Lock Up Bartender

    Crummy town, USA
    Like chap stick, there is one in every jacket pocket, purse, or pair of pants I have. For evenings out, I wear the nice lace ones.

    I was out with one of my girlfriends, and it was hot and I pulled my handkerchief from my pocket to wipe my cheek, and she was amazed.

    "You carry a handkerchief?!"


    "That is SO classy."


  17. Edward

    Edward Bartender

    London, UK
    THat would certainly get my attention. Depending upon what the books actually were, they may help hold it. ;)
  18. Bourbon Guy

    Bourbon Guy A-List Customer

    Do you prefer the permanent press, or the all cotton that need to be ironed?
  19. scotrace

    scotrace Head Bartender Staff Member

    Small Town Ohio, USA
    The striking thing about this thread is the realization of my age. :(
    I've never been without one. I'm very surprised that people don't carry them. Sort of like wearing a wristwatch, or underwear.
    "You mean, you don't carry a handkerchief?"

    I remember well that little bit of white fabric sticking out of my grandfather's right rear pants pocket, so he could grab it "right quick" if the need arose.
  20. CigarMan

    CigarMan One of the Regulars

    San Antonio, TX
    I like to iron my handkerchiefs regardless of the material. When I was in school (took ROTC) my Senior Army Instructor who was a Drill Sergeant for the Special Forces told me that a man should never be without a handkerchief, that I should consider it part of my uniform. Since then I've always carried one. I also remember my dad, my friends dad and my grandfather never being without one either. So I just carried on the tradition and consider it part of my everyday wear.

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