SOLD: 1950s Supernatural Milan 7 1/4 - Wheat

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Bill Hughes, Feb 18, 2020.

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    For Sale: 1950s Supernatural Milan - Wheat

    I am starting to get ready for summer. I need to thin out my straws to make room for some more I have coming from Northwest Hats. This is an Ecuadorian Panama Hat Company Milan in great condition. I replaced the puggaree that was on it. The black paisley puggaree is what is on it.
    • Size is 7 1/4
    • Brim is 2 3/4”
    • Puggaree
    • Crown is 4” pork pie
    Price $50 shipped CONUS

    17C3CF8D-1F5F-4D35-BE72-C721B93BB9DD.jpeg F83B5378-09D6-4D31-A5A7-3AB041E39F6E.jpeg 14FAD6A9-0AC5-4A3D-92AF-1C8682AF11EA.jpeg 3DF2CE85-FBD1-45DC-96B7-2C1D883C0E1B.jpeg B3C44C7F-1636-4D84-B5CA-BDABA59369A8.jpeg 415EBD4D-8DBC-4CE8-8340-6412F8C7A406.jpeg 72E73CF1-A530-4640-AABD-3E6A51827071.jpeg CE1E6CB0-EFBF-4904-B621-0740E27A0D7A.jpeg DC84D746-1E68-46B7-96A8-22AC8562887B.jpeg CA24A64B-13C8-415D-AB6E-0C7224C40FC7.jpeg
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