Solution sought for uncomfortable as hell Red Wing boots

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by schitzo, Aug 24, 2014.

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    Pleasant and true.
  2. Mark Ricketts

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    Whilst I do not know these boots, I actually do wear other work boots 60 hours a week and form follows function. The foot pain from firm soles pales into insignificance compared to the pain from digging a spade into the ground 40,000 times whilst wearing soft soled boots.
  3. Edward

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    Ha, that's true. I've had a similar experience with steel toecaps. Back when I as at university, I had a regular Saturday / Summer job working in a hardware/ building & plumbing supplies/ woodyard place. Even split in the customer base between DIY folks and people in the trade. I used to wear a pair of stel-toed work boots in that job. Some complain about the weight of those, though I didn't mind. I was certainly glad of them, though, the day I pulled the drawer out at the end of the old wooden counter (circa 1920s, probably - an old, family-run business that is still going), and the backstop had gone - it careered right on out and landed on my foot. Not a dent in the toecaps, but if I'd been wearing soft-toed boots it would have broken my foot.
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    I had similar experiences when I was a paramedic. Steel-toed boots save my feet a number of times (they also had a steel shank/plate between the midsole and outsole). They were Chippewa 242's. I guess they don't make this model anymore but they were very similar to these but I didn't use the zippers.


    - Ian
  5. schitzo

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    Anyway, I bought the red wing inner soles and that was the end of my woes. These past few months they've been a joy to wear and if I could find a pair of the black ones in a sale somewhere I'd pounce. I dunno what this type of leather is exactly, but find it a perfect choice for shoes as all of the scuffs can easily polish straight out.

    Also bought some thicker socks, which helps too, though even without those the boots are still very comfortable.
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