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Steve Sellers' W&G M422a Jacket in Size 42


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Howdy y'all! It's been a while since I received my W&G M422a jacket from Steve Sellers. If you remember Rick's review of his lovely M422a, you'll know the maker. I promised Steve during the process that I'd do a review for the jacket here so here it goes!

Customer service: It has been a pleasure to work with Steve. He's interesting to communicate with and patient with my demands. The frequent updates on the progress of your jacket is also more fun than waiting for weeks without any notice. All in all, you'd feel like walking away with not only a jacket but also a friend. Now, the best part is that Steve wants to know what you're interested in and since he does a lot of jacket repair works, he'd often share with me some photos of really cool jackets you'd never see in a museum or on the forum as they're in private hands!

Jacket quality: As I am extremely ignorant of the high-end brands (having not owned any leather jackets from the top brands as of now), I will not compare Steve's jackets to any of them. Let me just say that I like the leather a lot in terms of tan and texture as compared to my AVI G1 jacket. The jacket is sturdy, the fur collar is very appealing in color and feel, the cuffs and knits are very nice, old Talon zipper, and the pattern is very authentic to my eyes as well. You bet I'd wear this jacket a lot this winter.

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Jacket fit: Spot on. For me the fit is perfect. Steve has to shorten the sleeves a tiny bit given my short arms so this is so far the best fitting leather jacket I own!

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Areas for improvements: Steve is a one-man show and he's selling a jacket that most people can afford, which means that some aspects of the jackets will not be stitch by stitch perfect. Buttonhole machine is an area that Steve is investing in so watch the space! Stitch for stitch authenticity is not a must for me but it might be for some hard-core enthusiasts. Communicate with Steve ahead on your expectations and I'm sure he'll take it into consideration when making the jacket.

Conclusion: This is a great jacket of great quality with a lot of details to attention. I absolutely enjoy just looking at it everyday and cannot wait to wear and break it in once the temperature is cold. Thanks a lot Steve! :)

Maria Vanquez

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