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Suit Supply MTM vs Harry Rosen MTM vs Spier & Mackay MTM

Discussion in 'Suits' started by Roen, Oct 23, 2017.

  1. Roen

    Roen New in Town

    I'll be looking to start an MTM process in Toronto. Definitely want an in-person fitting. Either half-canvassed or fully canvassed.

    So far I've read the following sources:
    Spier & Mackay
    Suit Supply
    Harry Rosen
    Garrison Bespoke

    Which is the best value out of them? If I've missed any shops, please let me know. Preference is Value first, with Cost a strong second.

    Has anyone done a direct comparison between SuSu MTM vs. Harry Rosen Samuelsohn MTM vs. Harry Rosen Coppley MTM vs. Spier & Mackay MTM?

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