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  1. Trenchfriend

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    When there's a thing, I never comprehended:

    Why governments don't get the idea to introduce weight-taxation on cars??

    Then, we would have one problem less! :)
  2. Michael R.

    Michael R. Call Me a Cab

    West Tennessee USA
    They do , its called gas tax .
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  3. DaveProc

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    Rhode Island
    There is a weight tax on cars, registration fees are based on the GVW ( Gross Vehicle Weight) of all road vehicles in the US. The higher the weight, the higher the registration fee. There is also a federal Gas Guzzler tax that tacks on an extra $7700 on any new vehicle with a fuel economy rating of less than 12.5 mpg. There is also the 10% luxury vehicle tax on any vehicles over $30,000. And then the gas tax catches everything else. Also, although there are tax incentives for using electric vehicles, everyone on the grid pays the cost of subsidizing causing increases in electrical costs across the board of which the taxes increase in proportion to the rate increase.
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