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Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by Rkm1972, Sep 13, 2021.

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    I'm a couple of inches shorter than @Rkm1972 and @MrProper, but my arms and legs are disproportionately long, so I have the same problem!

    Iron Heart IHJ-54 in XXXXL has a 25.7" pit-to-pit and 28.2" sleeves. It's currently out of stock, as is the collarless IHJ-35, and rather expensive.

    Iron Heart IHJ-54.jpg

    Indigofera come up large, because they're run by big, burly Vikings. Their leather jackets tend to be more over-shirts than moto styles though.

    The Fargo in XL would probably fit you the best. It's got a 26" pit-to-pit, which roughly equates to a size 48, and a 28" sleeve.

    Indigofera Fargo.jpg

    The Eagle Rising in XL is a touch smaller, with a 25.5" pit-to-pit and a 27" sleeve.

    Indigofera Eagle Rising.jpg

    The Black Bear Brand over-shirt in XXL has a 26" pit-to-pit and a 27" sleeve, but they will add an extra inch to them if you ask. They've just closed a pre-order, the next one will be at the end of November, and with a four month delivery time you'd be looking at March. They're also available in a natural leather.

    Black Bear Brand Over Shirt.jpg
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    I like that IH jacket! I also like the vanson Portland jacket

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