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Discussion in 'Hats' started by alanfgag, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. alanfgag


    Buffalo, NY
    I am so much the richer (and just a little bit poorer) for all the knowledge shared here. Thank you for the kind referrals you've sent by PM to auctions I would have missed. Thanks also to the many long time members who continue to wade through the waters here to welcome and inform new folks with your photos and posts. This is a wonderful and diverse community... I'm glad to have found it and really enjoy being a part of it.
  2. buler

    buler I'll Lock Up

    Thanks for joining up and being a productive, intelligent and dapper member.

  3. Chepstow

    Chepstow I'll Lock Up

    Germany/ Remscheid
    Thank you for your posting alan. I would not have been better able to formulate.
    I would also like to say a thank this great community.
    For the receptive family in this community, the great contributions, and the exciting
    research and discussion.
    Sorry for my English, its not the best, I hope Its be better when I have 3000 Postings:D
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  4. Joshbru3

    Joshbru3 I'll Lock Up

    Chicago, IL
    Even though I've had some ebay competition since....Nov 2010.....;):D......I'm so glad you joined the lounge, Alan!! You have put together an incredible collection of hats & hatting tools. Thanks for being a very active and intelligent member of this wonderful community!!

    I would also like to thank The Fedora Lounge community for all the knowledge that it has given me. For the members that send me tips all time, to the people who have done some wonderful trades with me, and to the wonderful people who I have had the privilege and honor to meet in person. Even though I have spent more money and time on this hobby than any other hobby in my life, I really do feel that for the first time in my life, I have found my true calling....Hats & surrounding myself with everything vintage. This place is really much much much more than an online forum. In a modern day world of selfishness, greed, and a lack of knowledge, this wonderful place is filled with wonderful people who believe that throughout history there were values, physical objects, practices, arts, etc that should be held on to today. Its been a privilege and honor to know all of you!
  5. Historyteach24

    Historyteach24 Call Me a Cab

    Huntington, WV
    I want to thank everyone here for their endless knowledge and help. I know I have never met any of you personally but it is so nice to log in daily and see all the awesome photos from people who have the same interests as me. It means a lot to a person just scratching the surface of proper hats like myself to have such knowledgeable members. I mean I never would have known how to get a custom hat made without the help of this forum so I never would have contacted Parker at Falcon Park. You guys are awesome.
  6. I couldn't say it better than any of you gents already have. I feel like I have friends on these pages and I look forward to perusing the daily posts with pics and words of wisdom from other members. I have certainly learned a huge amount about hats since joining and hope to continue.

    Thanks for a nice post, Alan, you are a gentleman and a scholar, and a great hat-wearer.

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  7. scottyrocks

    scottyrocks I'll Lock Up

    Isle of Langerhan, NY
    This forum brings the past alive, in mostly the social aspect, which I am more interetsed in than what is traditionally learned in textbooks. And that is thanks to the members. I have learned so much that I can't give thanks enough.

    JAVIER Practically Family

    I can't compete with all the great words, so I'll co-sign!

    Gracias to all,
  9. coble

    coble A-List Customer

    I'd like to say thank you as well to everyone on here. I myself enjoy coming on the lounge and seeing all the beautiful finds, and the custom made hats that evolve. Also all the history that is put onto this site. I also don't know any of you in person, well i take that back i actually know Bob from blacksheep hatworks. But i still feel an awesome connection with all of you as friends, and its great to share the same interests. I find it inspirational to see which hats people wear daily, their new ones they buy, and the adventures they take while wearing a great looking lid.
    Its not just on the hat section either. Just the help you find on here in a whole is remarkable. I also admire the fact that if someone is looking for a certain hat, tie, suspenders, coat, sweater, shoes that someone is willing to give out that website, or storefront. I am very thankful to everyone on here. I look forward to the coming year. :eusa_clap
  10. RBH

    RBH Bartender

    I would like to thank you Alan.
    You Sir are a gentleman that always conducts himself with class and style.
    Thank you sir for all you give to us.
  11. DNO

    DNO One Too Many

    Toronto, Canada
    And thank you, Alan, for all those photos of your superb hat collection. Every one of them looks like it was custom made just for you! This is a great forum and the only one I to which I belong. Though I often post in the threads about movies and books, it's really about the hats and Alan is definitely one of the FL stars in that department.
  12. BR Gordon

    BR Gordon One Too Many

    New Mexico
    This represents my sentiment exactly. This forum is consistently the most civil that I have participated in and Alan, as well as many others, help keep it that way.

    I would like to thank everyone for an enjoyable past year, and I'm looking forward to the coming one.

  13. mayserwegener


    +1000000000 Thanks All! Happy Holidays To All!
  14. Cicero

    Cicero A-List Customer

    You took the words right out of my mouth! :eusa_clap

    Happy Holidays.
  15. randooch

    randooch I'll Lock Up

    Ukiah, California
    I must admit that the Lounge is one of my central passions. That would not be the case if it were populated by lesser beings. Three cheers to you all!

  16. ShortAndCashed

    ShortAndCashed One of the Regulars

    NE Alabama
    I am also quite thankful. Both of the decent hats I have currently have come from other Loungers. I am very thankful for everyone who has worked with me, and guided me in the ways of nice hats. Have a blessed and happy Christmas and holiday season.
  17. Historyteach24

    Historyteach24 Call Me a Cab

    Huntington, WV
    Randooch I am also hopelessly addicted. I swear I check this site first thing in the morning, on my planning period, at lunch, then surf it multiple times at night. I just love conversing with intelligent ladies and gentlemen.
  18. DJH

    DJH I'll Lock Up

    Ft Worth, TX
    Alan, thank you for posting that.

    I've been a member here for nearly a year and until then I'd never once worn a fedora.

    I arrived at the Lounge because in my job I spend time helping defense contractors comply with the convoluted barcode and RFID labeling that is specified in Department of Defense contracts. One of my customers is a company called Sterling Wear and, since I like to understand my clients businesses, I wanted to learn more about the coats they make for the US Navy. Needless to say, a Google search on Peacoats leads one to The Fedora Lounge.

    Although I'd never worn a fedora, I'd always had a vague interest in the hats and the history of the industry. I didn't have to hang out here for long until I owned one hat, then another, then another...

    This site is more than just a forum. It allows us to interact with interesting people that we'd never have known existed otherwise. It is a great community that welcomes new people and doesn't make them feel like complete idiots when they first start to post here. When I first signed up, I had no idea I'd still be hanging out at the lounge for any length of time. The reason I do is 100% due to the people here and the fact I learn something (often many somethings) everyday and have so much fun doing it.

    Thanks guys and have a great Christmas (or your appropriate holiday) time!!
  19. m0nk

    m0nk One Too Many

    Camp Hill, Pa

    You have posted some quite amazing pictures that are inspiring to the rest of us. I'll also thank everyone here as well, for all of the great resources and great inspiration. Just watching the plethora of pieces of art that are posted almost hourly in the "What Hat Are You Wearing Today?" thread has given me more ideas that I could have ever gotten by surfing the web, looking at images of mindlessly blocked creases, etc... I now have about 4 different hat styles in mind now that I NEED to get to *cough* complete the collection (for now)....
  20. jkingrph

    jkingrph Practically Family

    My feelings exactly.

    Chepstow, your English may not be perfect, but is certainly acceptable, and quite frankly, good. I wish I had as good a command of the German language as you have of English.

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