The 100 Best Silent Films

Discussion in 'The Moving Picture' started by scotrace, Aug 13, 2020.

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    Paste is a magazine with a primary "hipster" readership, so I'm really impressed that they have a list like this. (Of course, the critic knew about all these movies long before anybody else did.) Most of my own favorites are on here, but I'm kind of miffed there's no mention of Harry Langdon. "Three's A Crowd" is one of the most remarkable silent comedies ever made -- you either love it or you absolutely loathe it, but either way you notice it.
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    I visit Paste every few days but I hadn't seen this listicle. It seems a pretty good list.

    I am a world-class Buster Keaton fan, but I think too many of his lesser films are included. There are so many great Chaplin, Lloyd, Langdon, Laurel & Hardy, Chase, etc. films that I'd include before weaker Keaton like "The Scarecrow" or Battling Butler. That said, I can't complain about putting Sherlock Junior at number one. (Or including uber-classics like One Week, The Playhouse, The Boat, The Navigator, Steamboat Bill Jr., The General.)

    Lon Chaney seems under-represented, though He Who Gets Slapped is about as uniquely bizarre and disturbing as his films get!

    There are several non-American films on the list I've haven't seen, as well as familiar classics. Even after 50+ years as a film buff, there's always MORE!
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