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The Best Raglan Coat?


New in Town
After having purchased a tweed raglan coat from spier and mackay (due in part from the advice of the gentlemen here on the fedora lounge), I am wondering, does anyone have experience with better makers? If so, what brands would you recommend? Lastly, for a heavy tweed raglan, would you say that spier and mackay is just about as good of quality as Ring Coats or Drake's who use similar tweed (i.e. 20 oz Magee and 25 oz Marling & Evans)? Ring Coats and Drake's are twice the price and therefore I am wondering, what exactly am I paying for?
Thank you kindly for your input


One Too Many
Upstate NY
@joezam713 For what it's worth, Gentleman's Gazette puts Ring and Drakes a step above Spier and Mackay in their review of ready to wear suiting (https://www.gentlemansgazette.com/ready-to-wear-suit-brands/). You may also get more info in the Suits forum rather than Outerwear.

@Grayland what do you think of the SEH Kelly coat? Their products look beautiful, and the descriptions are a fun read.

t's a first-class coat and I also like the descriptions. I really pondered the buy. It isn't cheap and, while the measurements were clearly listed, the suggestion was to buy TTS. I'm a pretty solid 40 which would equate to a Medium in the SEH Kelly coat. I spoke with a few people wh said it ran large, so I went with a small and it's perfect. I still have room for a heavy sweater underneath - and that's about as many layers as I'll wear.

The coat is beautiful in an understated, old-fashioned way. The kind of coat that will never go out of style. While I prefer gray, I have numerous gray coats and needed a brown.


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There are so many good makers right now. I own a Kaptain Sunshine Traveler Coat and a Document Robe Coat that I love, but I'm also a fan of the De Bonne Fracture Granddad Coat and Camoshita's Balmaccan. No Man Walks Alone has a fantastic selection of overcoats w/raglan sleeves:


I'd also recommend you read Die Workwear for guidance. This post has a nice reference to available raglan coats:

When it comes to price and is "it worth it," that is entirely subjective but I will say with that (i) quality of materials, (ii) labor costs, and (iii) brand prestige all play into whether the garment is priced appropriately. Hope this helps!