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The Wiser Hatter

I'll Lock Up
Louisville, Ky
Nice fabric on the cap for sure. The Sterkowski caps look nice and low cost. Never worry about what others think they are to busy worrying about what you think.:) Just wear the cap.


Call Me a Cab
nor cal
Nice blog story on your cap & Art Keith.
I'm out the door to LA
To enjoy this event


Last year I met up with Johnny J
& we were looking for fabrics for his caps
We saw plenty of the vintage cotton Japanese cloth.
Boy it all looked like the holy grail stuff.
Until we asked how much.........
Out of our reach cost wise but we learned a lot of this cloth
Just some amazing stuff & over 100 years old plus.
I posted all about it & pics can't find it as I'm on the road

Any way a great cap
I'm looking forward to cap hunting this weekend
& meeting up with other vintage nuts....& the cool Japanese kids
Attending the inspiration show....
I'll be limited with my caps
But I'll bring 3 a Simonds, Cordova, & Al's attire caps

I'll post up pics on my return....

Johnny J
Hope to see you & I'll be at the vintage fashion expo as well
Oh yea rose bowl flea good caps to be found there....


I'll Lock Up
Germany/ Remscheid
This is a Sterkowski Biker's Cap. Would it be just too odd to wear one of these while not riding a panhead? I am taken with it, but I am probably already thought to be peculiar for regularly wearing a hat (including even a beret from time to time) and I would not care to move from "slightly odd" to "weirdo."

jhe, I have that Cap from Sterkowski and it works great wit a dark coat or Pea Coat or a leather Jacket! Try it out!!


Fedora Lounge Artisan
Thank you gents for checking out the blog! Che, enjoy your journey, and I'll be looking forward to pix and tales on your return!

Here's my new cap. It's 'The Canuck,' my other 1920s Canadian-inspired design, in some great 1920's wool, vintage cotton liner, partial leather sweat and leather visor.



One of the Regulars
Thanks(?) for your post, babygirl. Perhaps you missed my wording: "...Should all else fail." Blackthorn was asking about options, and my offer was just expanding his possibilities. I don't think there is a person who follows this thread who doesn't see how supportive and enthusiastic I am of both Johnny and of Barry's excellent work. I own several of each maker's handiwork and have pointed several people their way for business.

I have never posted a cap I've made to sell in this forum, merely a few vintage ones. In fact only a few weeks ago Johnny posted some vintage caps here for sale as well. I haven't felt that anyone was pushing hard to sell on this thread and that most are appreciative of seeing what's out there and offered.

That may be more to the point, it is more about you. Nevertheless, I won't post anything relating to sales on this forum again.

Signed, "[angel]" - the passive/aggressive angel

:eusa_clap :rolleyes: just stating the facts as more of a compliment to you and thought you should be a "vender" also! :)


Fedora Lounge Artisan
Thanks Mike & Richard!

Bert, that looks SO good on you, pal. I can't wait for winter to come on so I can pull mine out!!