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    Chicago, IL US
    He certainly pulls no punches. Raven is probably running a 104* temperature as her body fights
    infection with fever, however morphia residue trace and sepsis have spread to vital organs including
    the brain, so a transfusion will not mitigate delerium. She will loose speeech.Brochial and femoral arterial
    pulse read after a minute tourniquet loose will indicate cardiac decline while urinary rate reveal Islet of Langerhans pancreatic infection. Either her heart or liver will initiate cardiac failure, most likely before dawn.
  2. LizzieMaine

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    I can think of a lot of people in 1941 who deserve this fate more than Raven Sherman. It's heartbreaking to think back on how she was when she first appeared, in that football jersey, putting Pat and Cap'n Blaze to work washing dishes, getting April all wound up and jealous, and fighting off both the Invader and the cholera. It's a testimony to Mr. Caniff's skill that I find myself really upset to see him putting her thru this.

    If there's anything that'll get the News, at least, to settle with the newsdealers' union, it's that three million readers are going to be desperate to know how this story comes out. Wonder if that has anything to do with the timing?
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    Fading Fast

    New York City
    Could not click "like" for this one, but very much appreciate the detailed medical view.

    That's a heck of a dot for the strikers to have connected, but good for them if they did.
  4. LizzieMaine

    LizzieMaine Bartender

    The decisive battle for Moscow, it was reported today, may be in progress in the vicinity of Borodino, where Napoleon 129 years ago blasted open the way to the Russian capital and his own eventual disaster. Russian reports indicated that the Soviets have succeeded in knocking back the Nazi spearhead by eleven miles, retaining eight miles of this gain in the face of desperate German attacks. Nazi casualties were estimated at 600,000 men, including 150,000 killed since the start of the present offensive.

    The Berlin radio claimed today that the "extreme outer defense ring" of Moscow is "within range of heavy artillery." German reports acknowledge that this ring extends in a radius "well over 100 kilometers" (62.1 miles) from the center of the city itself. A High Command communique stated that Red Army forces pocketed on the central front have been broken up into groups in the woods near Bryansk, and that "their destruction is continuing steadily." It is asserted in the communique direct from Adolf Hitler's military headquarters that Russian prisoners taken in the present thrust for Moscow now exceed 350,000.

    A U. S. Navy patrol boat arrived at Boston today, escorting a 60-ton Norwegian freighter carrying some 20 Nazi prisoners charged with operating an illicit radio station at Greenland. It is believed that the prisoners, after their interrogation, will be interned with several hundred German seamen previously stranded in this country.

    House Administration supporters are confident today of receiving the necessary votes to authorize the arming of U. S. merchant ships, but non-interventionists in the Senate are girding there for a final battle over the President's requested amendment of the Neutrality Act. Senator Burton K. Wheeler (D-Montana), leader of the Senate non-intervention bloc, promised "a determined fight" to defeat the bill.

    The City Council today faces a threat by Mayor LaGuardia to veto bills cutting the city's sales and use taxes to one half of one percent, or abolishing those taxes altogether. In a letter to Council president Newbold Morris, the Mayor insisted that the Council instead approve his own plan to reduce the sales and use taxes to a flat and even 1 percent. The Council's alternatives to the Mayor's proposal were put forward by Brooklyn Councilman Joseph T. Sharkey, Democratic Majority Leader, and will be taken up along with the Mayor's plan in a special meeting of the Finance Committee this afternoon. The Mayor also assailed State Solicitor General Henry Epstein for his remark last week urging the council to repeal the taxes and "let the Mayor stew in his own juice." The Mayor accused Mr. Epstien of "a shocking indifference" toward the welfare both of persons on relief and on the finances of the city itself, and declared "I refuse to sacrifice the interest of the city for a political advantage. I refuse to sacrifice the taxpayers for a political insult."

    District Attorney William O'Dwyer, the Democratic candidate for the mayoralty, promises to "get down to the meat of the campaign" tonight in a rally at Jamaica High School. In a radio speech last night, Mr. O'Dwyer accused the Mayor of colluding in a plot with his longtime ally Congressman Vito Marcantonio and the left wing of the American Labor Party to "swing the Communist vote to himself."

    A Williamsburg policeman was suspended from duty today and charged with felonious assault in connection with the shooting of a man and a woman in an altercation last night. Patrolman Charles Miller of the Grand Avenue precinct is accused of shooting 39-year-old Lester Wheeler and 33-year-old Mrs. Grace Monroe, both "Negroes," in Mrs. Monroe's apartment at 548 Grand Avenue after Wheeler convinced Miller to accompany him there to investigate an incident in which Wheeler claimed to have been "duped by some friends." Mrs. Monroe and her husband John refused to allow the two into the apartment, but they forced their way in, and Miller drew his gun -- shooting Wheeler in the arm and Mrs. Monroe in the thigh. Miller acknowledged that he met Wheeler "in a tavern" before the incident, and a police surgeon confirmed that the patrolman was "suffering from a hangover." Wheeler, who is being treated for his injury at Kings County Hospital, will also face felonious assault charges.

    City gasoline stations may soon be allowed to abandon the curfew keeping them closed from 7PM to 7AM, with the Gasoline Station Council of Greater New York reporting that "an October anomaly" in the fuel distribution allocations has left metropolitan dealers with more gasoline available than anticipated. The curfew is still a voluntary program, with about 100 dealers in the metropolitan area refusing to participate.

    (Winter's coming.)

    ("It's a living.")

    An order issued by the commanding officer at Fort Dix, New Jersey will require soldiers to properly dispose of their empty beer cans. Colonel Cassius M. Dowell issued the order today, directing all unit commanders to enforce a policy requiring that all men under their command cease dropping empty beer cans on the ground. "This is a reflection on the entire garrison," warned the Colonel, "and is prohibited by state law." There have been complaints of beer cans strewn along the roads surrounding the Army base.

    (I had a teacher who followed this advice. She was also pretty good at yanking you out of the lunch line by your ear.)

    (And if the football thing doesn't work out, he could always join the Rockettes.)

    (It's a real sign of just how non-prestigious "The Maltese Falcon" was in 1941 that it's already playing in Brooklyn.)

    Don't miss this week's "Information Please," Friday night at 8:30 PM over WEAF, when Fred Allen makes a return engagement on the panel. The New England radio wit will join John Kieran, Franklin P. Adams, Oscar Levant, and moderator Clifton Fadiman for his second turn on the program, following a successful debut last year.

    (Ah! The dog and the turtle return!!)

    (Ahhhh! Again with the hallucinations!)

    (I've known quite a few newspaper editors in my time, and I can say with great confidence that there isn't a single one of them who would, or could, ever do this.)

    (Uh-oh, Dan's becoming SELF AWARE!)
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    And in the Daily News...

    Daily_News_Tue__Oct_14__1941_.jpg Conkey Whitehead was the son of Joseph Whitehead, one of the first three bottlers of Coca-Cola. If it comes out that Emmy drinks Pepsi, all hell will break loose.

    This whole story reeks. C'mon, investigators. INVESTIGATE.

    I bet Miss Steinberg is a lot of fun at parties.

    Daily_News_Tue__Oct_14__1941_(3).jpg Then how'd you light the dynamite fuse? HUH????

    Daily_News_Tue__Oct_14__1941_(4).jpg And he doesn't just LOOK like my brother...

    Daily_News_Tue__Oct_14__1941_(5).jpg Damn.

    Daily_News_Tue__Oct_14__1941_(6).jpg I hope, for all our sakes, that this is just a con game they're talking about.

    "Incidentally, what do you hear from -- ah -- Godiva?"

    Daily_News_Tue__Oct_14__1941_(8).jpg True love.

    The thing about having a past is that it always catches up with you.
  6. Fading Fast

    Fading Fast

    New York City
    I'm thinking Dan and Irwin should soon be in Greenland, unless Kay is being sent since that job is too important for those two idiots.

    New York City sales tax today is 8.875% (not 9%). It's made up of 4% New York State, 4.5% New York City and a transit "surcharge" of .375%.

    I know smoking was considered "sexy" by some back then, but shouldn't the Oomph Girl be hawking something more "Oomphy?" Maybe a lingerie line, while Lana Turner hawks sweaters and Clara Bow sells pronouns?

    The Army just wrote Lichty's strip for tomorrow. (Is it a "comicstrip" if it's only one panel?)

    It's an interesting write up; Cohn saw, in real time, the classic it would become - that's not always easy to do.

    RE a "prestige" movie, no kidding when you consider how belittled Brooklyn was over "Citizen Kane." "You'll see it when we say you'll see and, then, you'll pay plenty. Shut up and wait your turn."

    The dog and turtle must have been really lonely if they're happy to see these idiots. The turtle is learning what Sandy already knows, it's a tough market for comicstrip actors these days. Otherwise, he'd have been long gone from this nuthouse.

    Hu Shee would never have let the kite get away.

    It will be very interesting to see where this story goes. She's saying no way, so do they have any evidence against her?

    The Paula-FBI story is confusing, I think I've untangled it, but not sure. Some "oldest profession in the world" work seems to be part of this story.

    Agreed, there's got to be more. Look hard into nightclub owner Anderson, why was he involved at all? Nightclubs and mobs and all that combination implies might be a clue.

    Unless something prompts me, I don't think about these strips after I read them until the next day, but I find myself thinking about - and feeling very sad about - Raven unprompted. As Lizzie noted yesterday, that Caniff can do this to us is impressive.
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    ^Caniff's allowance of Raven's rational speech is artistic somatic license, "finis" writ large. :(
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    Harp I'll Lock Up

    Chicago, IL US
    On a lighter though hardly trivial note, Mrs Whitehead, the mysterious Mrs. X in the Brooklyn spy ring
    is a rather beautiful woman, and her proclaimed innocence is somewhat amusing, all things considered.;)
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  9. Fading Fast

    Fading Fast

    New York City
    It will be fun to watch this angle of the story develop.
  10. LizzieMaine

    LizzieMaine Bartender

    Reports in the Soviet army newspaper Red Star today warned that German troops driving on Kalinin, north of Moscow, menace the capital city and complicate positions at the front which, the reports warned, "is more serious than ever before." Authoritative sources in the newspaper further warned that Germany is prepared to sacrifice "additional hundreds of thousands of men" to attain its objective. War front dispatches stated that Russian troops are fighting hard, and that Red Army counterblows have "littered roads with the wreckage of panzer units" and have slowed or checked the progress of the enemy in some sectors. The fifteenth day of the renewed German thrust against the Soviet capital saw massed tank and mechanized infantry columns led by dive bombers and parachute troops continuing to edge closer to Moscow, and Soviet sources admit that the threat to the city is now "very grave."

    Reports from Berlin place panzer units paced by Stuka dive bombers now just 50 to 60 miles from Moscow, "roaring four abreast" along the highway leading into the capital city. An authorized Nazi spokesman questioned about reports that United States Ambassador Laurence A. Steinhardt has left Moscow said "if he is still there it will be so much better because we look forward to making his acquaintance."

    The House Foreign Affairs Committee today approved a bill to authorize arming of U. S. merchant ships, and the measure will be brought before the full House tomorrow. The measure backed by President Roosevelt to repeal Section 6 of the Neutrality Act was passed by the Committee in a voice vote this afternoon following two days of debate. The bill is expected to pass the House "by a large margin" on Friday.

    Up to 500,000 abortions are performed each year in New York City alone, according to a report released today by the Amen Grand Jury. In a presentment handed to Justice John T. McCrate in Supreme Court, it was also stated that it will be "impossible to stamp out" abortion in the city, noting that "it would be fatuous to deny that the effectiveness with which penal laws are enforced varies directly with the public determination that they will be." The Grand Jury acknowledged that many doctors who perform the practice do so because they believe that they are "performing a socially useful work," but warned that the practice of abortion by unethical persons threatens women, "who are gambling with their lives" when they submit to "the risks of the abortionist's operating table." The Grand Jury recommends tightening laws against doctors who even express willingness to perform abortions, and to grant immunity from prosecution to any patient who testifies against such a doctor. At present, women who seek abortions are guilty of a misdemeanor under the law.

    A "collar ad" thug from Flatbush who broke into a neighbor's home at 1488 New York Avenue early this morning is in custody after slugging the 65-year-old head of the Child's Guidance Bureau in her bedroom. Mrs. Matilda Covart reported the attack to police shortly after it occured at 5 AM, and patrolmen quickly surrounded the house and arrested 22-year-old Edward McLaren of 1005 Foster Avenue, an impeccably-dressed young man in horn-rimmed glasses, who refused to explain his presence in Mrs. Covart's room, or why he slugged her. "That's my secret," declared the young man as he was led away to the Snyder Avenue station for booking on a charge of felonious assault. A member of Mrs. Covart's staff noted that McLaren "cracked wise" thruout his questioning by police, and treated the entire incident "as a joke." Mrs. Covart was treated for abrasions to the face and head at Kings County Hospital.

    A $290 payment received by a former inspector of regulating, grading and paving for the Borough President's Office from a local paving concern was not a bribe at all but payment for a dog. So claimed former inspector John F. O'Neill today before Supreme Court Justice William R. Wilson in a plea for reinstatement. O'Neill was dismissed from his job on August 7th after the Amen Office's investigation of racketeering in the paving industry accused him of accepting graft from the Mill Valley Paving Company, but he insisted today that he was merely paid for selling his dog.

    ("Double the press run!!")

    ("Whassis stuff?" queries Joe, pointing to a box on the kitchen table. "Ma sennova somma my ol' cloes f' Leonora," replies Sally. "All kin'sa stuff inneah." "You woah t'is stuff?" chuckles Joe. "Hey, lookit, a sail'a suit!" "At's a middy blouse," Sally notes. "Allus gals woah 'em in 1919. T'lates' t'ing." "It's too big fa Leonora t'ough. I mean, she's growin' fas' but notT'AT fas'! Hey, whassiss one? Howcum it says 'Evenchally, Why Not Now?' onna back?" "Ma made a lotta my cloes utta flouah bags," explains Sally. "Sometimes'a printin' din' wash allaway off. I loint ta read offa my own cloes. Howbouttat?" "Boy," says Joe, "I neveh know t'ey done t'ings so fancy in Pigtown.")

    (Kids Today.)

    (Advanced Military Training.)

    Brooklyn_Eagle_Wed__Oct_15__1941_(4).jpg (The post-Dodger season is an arid one for the Eagle sports page. You'd think they'd give a hockey player falling down a mine shaft bigger play.)

    (Or this, even.)

    Brooklyn_Eagle_Wed__Oct_15__1941_(5).jpg (Sure, Doc, make fun of the poor man's disability THAT YOU CAUSED. That's cold.)

    Brooklyn_Eagle_Wed__Oct_15__1941_(6).jpg ("Practically 100 percent OK mentally.")

    Brooklyn_Eagle_Wed__Oct_15__1941_(7).jpg (Oh well.)

    (Poor Irwin.)
  11. LizzieMaine

    LizzieMaine Bartender

    And in the Daily News...

    Daily_News_Wed__Oct_15__1941_.jpg Didn't Puk, the last time we saw her, vow eternal love? It's so hard to keep track. And as for the food-snob Windsors, keep in mind that when the King visited a couple years back he got hot dogs and liked them. So there.

    What's next, flying it off the back of a jacked-up pickup truck?

    Penney? Don't you mean "patsy?"

    Don't mess with a guy who has his own private army.

    "Oh, and I want you should wear the outfit all the time, right? It's -- ah -- part of the plan."

    Daily_News_Wed__Oct_15__1941_(5).jpg Now, if this was Warbucks, Punjab would be waiting in that room with the rug. But Bim -- well, there's a big pile of loose money, and he'll just tell the guy to help himself.

    Daily_News_Wed__Oct_15__1941_(6).jpg Aside from the unspeakable horror of Wilmer's face in 3D, why is Horace walking around with a broken arm? I get the feeling there's a story here we're not getting.


    Daily_News_Wed__Oct_15__1941_(8).jpg "Dad? Is that you? I though Mom buried you in the cellar."

    Daily_News_Wed__Oct_15__1941_(9).jpg Stick it to The Man.
  12. Fading Fast

    Fading Fast

    New York City
    For comparison, the US lost ~400,000 soldiers in WWII in total. The scale of the carnage on the Eastern Front is stunning.

    $290 in '41 is about $5400 today. Sure, for a purebred dog, for certain breeds, from a top breeder that number is possible, but for "someone's dog," I don't think so.

    There are plenty of movies from the '30s and early '40s showing the bullying tactics the newspapers employed with the newsstand operators. I don't know the details in this dispute, but again, from the movies of the time, it's clear something thug-like was going on.

    I watched a bit of the Dodgers game yesterday and felt some kind of 80 year sinew. It wasn't good or bad, it just was. After the heartbreak of the '41 series and knowing the pain when the team left Brooklyn, the connect to today's team is tenuous, but I felt it last night in some way.

    Good luck with your new father-in-law dude.

    Thinks to himself: Ehh, I never really liked her anyway, impressive body though.

    Dan thinks to himself: Well, I can't blow my cover and Irwin knows the risks. Maybe it will all work out. I'm tired, I think I'll go home now.

    Re Loews: "He said that the expense accounts of the company executives were heavily padded and he pocketed the differences." Won't the shareholders be happy to learn that fact.

    Re Puk: Yup, that's what I remember.

    Re Fanny Belford: I want to hear more about how she bought her husband. It seems counterintuitive to ask for alimony from a husband you bought for yourself; maybe a partial refund (remember, she did get the kid eventually) would be more appropriate.

    As we've both been saying, there's more to this story than a simple robbery gone wrong.

    "...I could go in and make sure we got 'em all right -"
    "Huh, no need o' that! They're in there O.K. and for keeps - that gas is permanent."

    I've had it up to here with all of you, both the bad and good guys. Does anyone read the Rulebook, ANYONE! Yeah, I'm talking to you Scuttle!

    Let me remind you all of this pertinent section from the The Fedora Lounge Rulebook for Killing a TV, Movie or Comic-Strip Enemy, "Always kill your enemy as fast as you can and, then, check carefully to make sure he or she is dead."

    Now, how hard is it to follow a simple rule. We don't make these rules for fun! I can't look at any of you right now. Go! Get out of my office...[ominously] not you Scuttle.

    Not exactly all the time.

    Skeezix is learning the ways of the world. He would never have played a deep game on Wilmer like this a year ago.

    This is brutal.

    Good for him.
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    Chicago, IL US
    Raven's lucid state is inconsistent with her condition though within license.
    Should Caniff revert to medical form, her death rattle will shock Dude to what end....:(

    Other news such as the "love slave" bought for $10k; and the divorcee whom apparently loves marriage
    despite her innately cruel jealous former spouse, raise an amused eyebrow over yesterday front page content.
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  14. LizzieMaine

    LizzieMaine Bartender

    Mrs. Belford could've avoided all this hassle if she'd just kept the receipt.
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  15. Harp

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    Chicago, IL US
    Mr Belford must answer and the learned judge will wait, reserving his opinion.
    Marriage itself is a contract, entered into freely without reservation or evasive purpose or intent;
    and, it is clear that Mr Belford did not enter this contractual precedent, nor desire marriage with
    its attendant marital obligation as Mrs Belford has testified. Therefore, the Belford marriage is

    Legal contract between parties can be suspensive or resolutive depending upon agreed condition(s)
    with fulfillment as with resolutive contracts, terminating said contract while suspensive contracts will
    not come into existence before condition(s) are met. The judge may elect to declare the Belford
    quandry Resolutary, with coitus consensus consumtus, and order both parties brought to their pre-
    contract state; directing Mr Belford to return the $10k to Mrs Belford in full settlement.

    Mrs Belford would then raise her child with these funds and her own resources.

    A terrible immature mistake and a poor child born out of wedlock.
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