The morning after...Ow... my eyes...Hangover help.

Discussion in 'The Connoisseur' started by scotrace, Apr 1, 2007.

  1. KY Gentleman

    KY Gentleman One Too Many

    South Carolina
    Lots of water the day after and once you feel up to it exert yourself to the point of breaking a sweat. Then eat some food. After that you'll be good to go.
  2. Dr Doran

    Dr Doran My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Los Angeles
    Excellent. I recommend that the food be substantial.
  3. Memnon

    Memnon New in Town

    Bakersfield, CA
    I usually just take a couple of aspirins, and swallow them down with a single gulp of water. I've found that drinking more water with the pills makes it slower for the painkillers to digest. I know they say that lots of liquids are good, but my stomach usually can't hold down lots of liquid when waking up with a hangover; I don't know how some of you can handlle an entire greasy breakfast while waking up with one...
  4. miss_elise

    miss_elise Practically Family

    Melbourne, Australia
    my favourite is 3 hash browns from mcDonald's and a glass of their reconsituted oj...

    or white bread toast with butter and vegemite and a glass of oj...

    (see a pattern here? it's all about replacing salts, fats and getting vitamin c)
  5. grey ghost

    grey ghost One of the Regulars

    Dry toast, 3 to 6 diet cokes..........................

    lots of nap time.......
  6. dnjan

    dnjan One Too Many

    Try to drink at least a half galon of water when you come home, and then stay awake until you have passed most of it through. I find that if I don't go to bed until both eyes can focus on the same thing, I am in much better shape in the morning.
  7. Ben

    Ben One of the Regulars

    Boston area
    A second on the gatorade, but it works best if you drink it before you go to bed and after you are done drinking. Have it in the refrigerator before you go out -- it's easier than navigating the convenience store afterwards.

    For the really bad ones, with awful nausea the next day, ice water can help.
  8. Miss 1929

    Miss 1929 My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Oakland, California
    Matzoh ball soup seems to have worked the miracle today.

    I thought we should bump this thread anyway, due to the holiday parties and the gay, mad whirl that is the life of a Lounger.
  9. Dr Doran

    Dr Doran My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Los Angeles
    Perhaps I already wrote this -- I am way too lazy to reread this whole thread -- but there is a soup in Poland that you drink solely for hangovers. It's white. Quite nice. You can get it in packets at Polish delis in the USA, too.
  10. "I am lucky that I am one of those people who does not suffer from a Hangover, however if I am feeling a bit "Plain" I will have "scrambled Eggs with Kippers, and fried bread, I guess I must crave the salt!"


    "However, If you were being "Slaughtered" by a true Hangover the very thought of Kippers would have you "Yelling down the great white Telephone"
  11. Tomasso

    Tomasso Incurably Addicted

    Binkie, that looks great, hungover or not.:essen:
  12. Smithy

    Smithy I'll Lock Up

    Binkie, you're obviously a smoked fish man so may I suggest kedgeree for breakfast next time you've overindulged? Works wonders. Doesn't stink the house out as much as the kippers either.
  13. Foofoogal

    Foofoogal Banned

    Vintage Land
    A basic teetotaler here except a glass of chablis very rarely.

    on topic. I heard on TV this week that with clear alcohol you get less headaches but with darker alcohol more headaches. [huh]
    better yet. drink water. lol
  14. "I do a quick cheap version of Kedgeree, using a can of John West Smoked Kippers, and a packet of Continental "Indian" rice and a few hard boiled eggs, makes a super quick supper dish, after a night at the Theatre, or wherever"
  15. davestlouis

    davestlouis Practically Family

    Cincinnati OH
    I quit drinking almost 10 years ago...thank heaven. I do recall a time that I drank way too much whiskey, and ate nothing but ice chips for 4 days...started onto saltine crackers on day 4, and was good as new by the next weekend. I probably should have been hospitalized, but it never dawned on me at the time to go.

    My x-brother in law swears by Excedrin, Mountain Dew and Marlboro reds. Says not only will you feel better, the nicotine speeds up the digestive process and get things moving in your bowels too, whatever that's worth.
  16. SamMarlowPI

    SamMarlowPI One Too Many

    excedrin n water before i sleep (or passout) n after i wake up...water throughout the night if i get roused...

    i don't crawl out from under the covers until i can get up without feeling like a cricket bat is going upside my head...
  17. 1*Cool*Kitten

    1*Cool*Kitten One of the Regulars

    High Desert, California
    Happy New Year!

    :eusa_doh: Get Ready folks!It's upon us!
    I don't drink anymore:eusa_clap (not since they invented the funnel!;) :p lol) for several reasons, I'll keep personal, while I spew on about it all here!
    Dad always said (being the IRISH PATRIARCH he is) that you "drink the venom of the snake that bit you the night befor"!:eek: My Brother SWEARS by Tomato juice:rolleyes: . My Mother,Same idea, Bloody Mary!:rolleyes: I, the water/asprin befor the rack! My uncles 1 the shot of deisel fuel idea, the other milk & bread upon rising,the other a stiff shot of whiskey (just one) the correct answer: my guess is: don't put yourself in that situation/drink!But that's no fun!so's all what "works" for you!what "works" for one, may kill the next!
    Who knows!
    Merry Merry you guys! Be safe during the up coming week!And........... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
  18. *BUMP*

    This was great and I agree.... if sex is available it does help ;)

    My hangover remedy is a big glass of water and two Aleve before bed. Wake up and have the same. Then it's really hot Mexican food and an ice cold diet Pepsi and then eventually a stiff drink, but no more than two or you'll be doing the same thing all over again the next day :D
  19. RichardH

    RichardH One of the Regulars

    Bergen, Norway
    I usually try to get something to eat before I go to bed, and try to drink a litre (sorry, I don´t know your measuring system) of water as well.. Usually works fine.. But the best cure is as follows : Get a glass, fill it with icecubes, then fill it halfway up with vodka, and then top it off with orange/cranberry juice. (Will only work if you´re on a drinking binge!!)

    But under normal circumstances, when you´re not planning on hitting the bottle hard the day after, lots of water and some food should work just fine..
  20. Miss Moonlight

    Miss Moonlight A-List Customer

    San Diego
    When I was quite the drinker, two things worked:

    1- if not drinking the next day, I'd drink about 16-24 ounces water and take a multivitamin before sleep, and wake up free from hangover.
    2- if planning to drink the same day, I might or might not do that, but my first drink in the morning was a swig of whatever whiskey I'd had the night before. Hair of that wiley dog.

    I rarely had hangovers. If I drank vodka, though, or gin- oy I'd get one no matter what precautions were taken.

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