The most important meal of the day!

Discussion in 'The Connoisseur' started by Smithy, Aug 1, 2007.

  1. Puzzicato

    Puzzicato One Too Many

    It was one thing that made us consider moving back to Australia - the only place around here that served brunch on the weekends only did it until noon. Who is ready for noon on a Saturday?
    Nothing boring about boiled egg and soldiers! In May I have steamed asparagus instead of toast soldiers, and recently I have been using truffle salt on my eggs. But as long as it is good bread it is almost impossible to beat.

    Not enough people know about whisky porridge! Lovely stuff.
  2. Adcurium

    Adcurium A-List Customer

    Newport County, Rhode Island
    Really? Scotch? I might be having that for breakfast tomorrow...
  3. scottyrocks

    scottyrocks I'll Lock Up

    Isle of Langerhan, NY
    My coffee of choice.
  4. martinsantos

    martinsantos Practically Family

    São Paulo, Brazil
    My usual breakfast is black coffee. Only. And a large amount if it, very strong.

    When travelling then I eat something. Hotel breakfast is always good! Then I go with eggs and bacon.
  5. :D I won't buy anything else.
  6. Miss sofia

    Miss sofia One Too Many

    East sussex, England
    Mr Baumont - Nothing wrong with egg and soldiers - a perenial favorite in our house!

    Frasher Nash - Thanks for the heads up on the whisky porridge, i will have to give that a whirl.

    I tend to drink coffee, then more coffee, (espresso made in the mocha pot on the hob as it should be), then porridge with cold milk poured on top and brown sugar. Perhaps some cinamon if i feel like living dangerously. Then a handful of vitamins down the hatch and we're ready to face the world!
  7. Yeps

    Yeps Call Me a Cab

    I really like traditional breakfast food, but not at breakfast time. I really like to eat eggs and bacon and stuff, but I much prefer it way late at night.
  8. Harp

    Harp I'll Lock Up

    Chicago, IL US

    Night owl too; just coffee and rolls at dawn.
  9. Jesse Jack

    Jesse Jack New in Town

    Butte, MT
    Sunday is the only day I get to cook myself a proper breakfast. I had some tortillas and sour cream to use up so I whipped up some huevos rancheros.
  10. One thing for me is I usually don't have an appetite when I have just gotten up from sleeping.
    I can happily drink coffee but I need to be a little further along in the day to eat- usually,
  11. Mav

    Mav A-List Customer

    Same thing every day: tilapia fillet, fried egg, vegetable juice and about a gallon of black coffee.
  12. Jesse Jack

    Jesse Jack New in Town

    Butte, MT
    Same here. I hate it. I can't make myself eat before I leave the house, then I get where I'm going and I'm starving. I usually try and haul some snacks around with me to prevent this.
  13. Geiamama

    Geiamama One of the Regulars

    Cheltenham, UK
    :love: I love breakfast. :love: I live for breakfast! :love:

    I'll get up early just so I have time to make kedgerie or pancakes or french toast. My favourites though are Welsh; buttermilk porridge and laverbread with crispy bacon.
  14. rumblefish

    rumblefish One Too Many

    Long Island NY
    Saturday mornings; from scratch buttermilk pancakes.
    Though this past Saturday I made french toast with Challah.

    Weekdays it's cereal and fresh fruit. Good thing because Saturday mornings,,, I could eat about half that platter of pancakes,,, and usually do. Always with maple syrup and bacon or sausage, sometimes with a fried egg on top.
  15. 1961MJS

    1961MJS My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Norman Oklahoma

    Thanks to my grandmother, I'm addicted to coffee and cinnamon rolls. I like bacon and eggs for breakfast, and eat those when I can, but when I drive to work, I go past a Panera's, two McDonald's, two Dillon's supermarkets (with Starbucks and donut shop). I commonly go by Panera's and get a baggel, but at least once a week, I get a huge cinnamon roll.

  16. Derek WC

    Derek WC Banned

    The Left Coast
    I only have breakfast about once a week. [huh] Best meal of the day when I have it though.
  17. Cricket

    Cricket Practically Family

    With getting the family out the door and getting ready for work, during the weekdays it is usually a bowl of cereal or something quick with coffee of course.

    But during the weekends, I try to cook a big breakfast.

    Growing up in the rural south, Maw Maw had the most unhealthy but delicious breakfast.
    It would consist of a platter of bacon, usually with brown sugar sprinkled over the slices as the cooked; scrambled eggs, fluffy with lots of pepper; slice of sugar cured or hickory smoked ham; the ham would probably have red eye gravy poured over it; hot homemade biscuits with either sausage or tomato gravy depending on the season; sometimes a few pancakes with syrup; maybe a few sausage links (and those would vary from pork to venison also depending on the season)

    I could go on forever, but I agree that breakfast is my favorite meal of the day when I have time to properly enjoy it in the respect it deserves. :)
  18. Puzzicato

    Puzzicato One Too Many

    That is a beautiful plateful of pancakes! Mine never look that light.
  19. conrad5157

    conrad5157 One of the Regulars

    During the week it’s usually toast, bagels, English muffins etc. with coffee. Without it, I can’t survive the first hour of the workday.

    On weekends I’m a big pancaker. I make from scratch different varieties of buttermilks along with buckwheats and French(rollups). Usually with a side of bacon.

    I actually thought about posting a tutorial for the buckwheat. They require a little work but oh so good.

    On a side note, I once saw an interview with a WWII veteran who spent some hard time in a German POW camp. He and the rest of his captives were cold and hungry as you can imagine. They took a poll asking if they could have any meal they chose, what would it be.

    The winner was pancakes with butter and maple syrup.
    Makes sense to me.
  20. rkwilker

    rkwilker One Too Many

    Wake Forest, North Carolina
    Most important meal of the day? My next meal of coarse!

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