The National Library of Finland to digitise every periodicals published until 1939

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    The National Library of Finland has digitised all periodicals (including newspapers) and most ephemeras published in Finland before 31 December 1939 and are now available online. The publications are available in the service. Currently there are 3798 different magazines and 1016 newspaper publications available. These contain several millions of pages.

    Interface language may be changed to either Swedish or English from top of the page. Below are some of my favourite picks for non-Finnish speaking persons:

    - Muoti-Kuvasto. Women's fashion magazine with illustrations, published 1929 onwards.
    - Virkkaus- ja neuletyöt. Crochet and knitting magazine with illustrations and instructions.
    - Omin käsin. Handicraft magazine for women.

    - Kuusisen uutiset - Men's fashion publication of Kuusinen clothing factory. Contains tailoring patterns.
    - Aika ja Mies. Another men's fashion publication by Kuusinen.
    - Yet another men's fashion publication by Kuusinen.
    - Vaatturi - Official publication of the Finnish tailor union. Has dozens of tailor patterns.

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