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Southern California
Here’s something that is right out of central casting:

‘Your cynicism knows no bounds.” — Doc Holiday, Tombstone.

Howard Parker was a true cowboy in every sense of the word. He was a fourth generation Sandhills cowboy and rancher; a rodeo cowboy, announcer, and judge; an old west history buff and collector of western memorabilia; a western entertainer story teller and cowboy poet. In 1960. 1962, &1963 he won the NSRA Saddle Bronc Championship.

Daughter Lex Ann says “I’ll never forget the times younger men have told me that they looked to my dad as model for being a true-to-the-west cowboy; hand rolled cigarette, holstered six shooter, riding a half broke bronc all the while running down a coyote. My dad brought to life what young men thought they’d never see beyond a movie screen.”

Back in 2006 he was inducted posthumously into the Nebraska Cowboy Hall of Fame.
I stand corrected. Thank you for setting me straight, and providing a bit of context!
Raleigh Haberdasher, Washington DC. Post 1923 based on the address.