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The Official Stetson 25 Thread

Central California
Still not in my size, but too nice to not bring home.
5 1/2” open crown and 2 3/4” brim. I’m thinking early 1960s, but it has wonderful felt.


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Ok....here is my addition to the club. An apparently early 60's Stetson Twenty-Five with OR appointments but not marked as such, so not an OR.

The hat is in a nice light dusty grey with matching ribbon and binding. It has a Brown 2" sweat (with oilskin "protector" behind) that is quite nice. The debossing is quite well pronounced and detailed. The hat has a 5 5/8" open crown and a little over 3 1/4" brim. Brim is flanged with a western "swoop" as often seen in the ads for these western hats (they had a name for it I just cannot remember just now) and is quite stiff and has NO "snap", therefore will most definitely keep it shape under "all weather" conditions.;) The crown on the other hand is quite soft and malleable, has that "Clay Like" feel we all love.

Over all the felt is quite thin, dense and well pounced and actually (surprisingly) compares favorably with my 7XCB OR (dimensions of the brims are the same, 7X has a taller crown).

It is marked as 7 1/2 but fits like a 7 5/8 LO so is just a little loose on me (7 1/2LO or 7 5/8R). The size issue is perhaps the reason this hat came to me in such good condition (looks unworn as a matter of fact). That or this was a "heat of the moment" souvenir purchase during Frontier Days and consequently not worn much if at all. It came with the usual Rancher/Cattleman crease that I did not mind too much as it was hand done and asymmetrical.......BUT......I had to change it to it's current configuration as I really am not fond of the Rancher/Cattleman look;).......(so far I have left the brim "swoop" and have not re-flanged it).

{A real pet peeve of mine is the fact that it seems EVERY Western hat made/sold since 1958 has a rancher/cattleman crease and has been pressed into ALL the modern OR's since 1970 and as I see it, is a cheap short cut taken by the hat companies to save money....so I resent it. It does not always look bad, just common, therefore I usually reserve such creases to their original uses as seen on Early Fedoras and Homburgs.}

Over all this is quite a nice addition to my collection.:)

As it came to me:

Now: (Looks better in person, so very hard to photograph...kind of looks like crap in the photo.:rolleyes:)

1649965379449.png1649965401974.png1649965434401.pngHere is my 7XCB OR for comparison.........(actually came creased like this.....the "Fore and Aft".....so I left it, as it is one of my admittedly overused favorites for a Western.............. and well for Dark Fedoras and Homburgs too).;)
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Stetson Twenty Five with a three cord western ribbon. The crown is 5 1/2” open and the brim is 2 5/8” wide. Those are more fedora than western dimensions. The felt is fantastic and truly does easily dry crease and mold like clay.

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Fine looking hat, Brent