The Real Idol?

Discussion in 'The Display Case' started by Kittlemeier, Nov 12, 2003.

  1. Kittlemeier

    Kittlemeier New in Town

    Valdosta, GA
  2. Cabinetman

    Cabinetman A-List Customer

    Central Illinois
    Looks like a parody!! Is she wearing shoes?? Looks like the baby's feet (also with shoes on) are either sticking out mama's posterior or mama is sitting on baby as though winning a wrestling match! Maybe the shoes on the baby are to signify that this child will hit the ground running.

    Oh...I see. This prop is from Temple of Doom. Well that explains everything.

    Wow. And to think that thing brought $31.00.
  3. MK

    MK Founder Staff Member Bartender

    I could never reproduce that high of quality. I have been passed up.

    Did anyone catch "own a possible piece of Hollywood history"?
  4. Dr. J

    Dr. J Familiar Face

    Santa Monica, CA
    A more accurate discription would be: A DEFINITIE piece of cr-p! These people are clueless.

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