The Real Mccoy cap type A-4 brand new with tag

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by o_moldavo, Oct 22, 2020.

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    I am selling a brand new cap from Real Mccoy. I have just received it today but i do not like it. So i did not even wear it.

    I have attached a photo from RMC instagram page to better see the color as my phone does not have a good camera. 8A42FBD1-FA0C-40C4-BD7C-CE5805FF5277.jpeg 2265A827-1CD8-4CC0-9C75-7E5A0DD9BF15.jpeg 7DF7B249-7FF6-48CE-9F1D-FA7FA6281D48.jpeg 26B468EE-A002-403A-86E1-E20D9F560FDF.jpeg C4CED57A-2AA1-4D0B-B16E-40C31320FE7C.jpeg AB9AFD30-8D73-483B-8DAD-A07A51332419.png

    I am asking 100€ with shipping included to European countries.

    Payment by PayPal friends & Family


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