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Thinning the herd: size 7 hats

I’m trying to sell off a good chunk of my collection of hats, because I’m running out of storage space fast and I’ve decided (out of necessity) to go for quality instead of quantity. I’ll be listing them here for those who can appreciate a good hat when they see one and who know how to take care of it.

I’ll be listing them by size. Because I’m a size 7 (American) myself, most of the hats will be in the 7 and 7 1/8 range. I will say something about fit and size for a hat when necessary. Needless to say: these are vintage hats: what you see is what you get.

Postage is not included in the price. To the US postage will be $25 (it’ll cost me more, but we’re all loungers here). Buy more at the same time and save on shipping. Heck, buy all of them and let’s make a deal.

PM me if you’re interested, for questions or if you want to see more pictures of the individual hats (or all of these). These will not be on sale on Ebay; it's an Fedora Lounge exclusive kind of thing. Be patient: I'll be posting 50 hats in total.

The size 7 hats

9. Elegant
Fedora in brown velour. German. Lined. Bound brim at 5cm and crown 10cm at the pinch. Wear it or keep it as a pet!

10. Fléchet
Fedora in grey heather velour (Irlandais). French. Lined. Overwelt brim at 5cm and crown 10cm. Sweatband in lesser condition, but very wearable.

11. P&C Habig
Fedora in light brown (beige). Austrian. Lined. Raw edge brim at 5,3 cm and crown 10cm at the pinch.

12. J. Heinrich ITA
Homburg in brown. Austrian. Unlined. Brim at 5,7 cm and crown 10,5 cm at the pinch.

13. Mayser
Homburg in grey. German. Lined. Brim at 5cm and crown 10,5cm at the pinch. Quality “alster extra”.

4. Araldico
Fedora in grey (with green tones). Probably German. Lined. Raw edge brim at 6,5cm and crown 9,5cm at the pinch. This has some woolcontent in the felt.

5. Chapelier Armand
Bowler in black. Belgian. Unlined. Brim at 5cm, crown 12cm high.

6. Chestergate
Homburg in black. English. Lined. Brim at 6,3cm and crown 10cm at the pinch. Like new condition.

7. Danfelt
Fedora (or a country hat) in brown heather. Danish. Unlined. Overwelt edge at 6cm and crown 10cm at the pinch.

8. Diplomat
Fedora in brown. German. Lined. Bound brim at 6,5cm and crown 10,5cm at the pinch.


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