"Those Were The Days" and "When Radio Was"

Discussion in 'Radio' started by happyfilmluvguy, Oct 26, 2006.

  1. happyfilmluvguy

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    If you live on the boundaries of Illionis, Indiana, maybe others, you might have heard of these two shows from old time radio enthusiast, Chuck Schaden. A friend of mine has always brought up these shows and this man on account. Has anyone else heard of or listens to these shows?
  2. Tony in Tarzana

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    Baldwin Park California USA
    I listen to When Radio Was on KKGO AM 1260 in Los Angeles, starting at 2AM, right when I get off work. I miss Stan Freberg, but Schaden does a very good job.
  3. LizzieMaine

    LizzieMaine Bartender

    Schaden's a very knowledgeable fellow -- he used to be the publisher of Nostalgia Digest magazine (where I was a regular contributor) and he's got a very broad base of experience interviewing old-radio folks to draw from. I think he was an excellent choice to replace Stan on "When Radio Was."
  4. BegintheBeguine

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    please gimme the lowdown

    I always seem to miss When Radio Was since it is only on once a week, if that, anymore rather than every night: what happened to Stan Freberg? Thanks.
  5. Harp

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    Chicago, IL US

    Chicago's WBBM*79AM plays the show at midnite.
    I did note Stan's absence but do not know the story.
  6. nick1909

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    The US
    Great thread, Seth!
    Chuck Schaden has been one of my heroes since I was about twelve years old. His book Speaking of Radio is a great read for any fan of old time radio.
    You can listen to Those Were The Days any time you like by visiting http://www.nostalgiadigest.com

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