Tie no longer required

Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by Matt Deckard, Jun 22, 2005.

  1. Matt Deckard

    Matt Deckard Man of Action

  2. Weston

    Weston A-List Customer

    Even Britain, long the defender of decency and upholder of elegant values of another time, cannot stop the downward progression of society. Sad.
  3. Matt Deckard

    Matt Deckard Man of Action

    I'm not wearing a hat and tie to stop the downward spiral, I'm wearing them to reverse the spiral.
  4. Brad Bowers

    Brad Bowers I'll Lock Up

    Sad story, Matt. I right there with you, reversing the trend!

    One thing that I don't understand here is the tendency to wear a tie, but no coat. Guys dress like that all the time here, and I suppose I should be thankful they haven't shed the tie yet, but I still want to tell them they're only half dressed.

  5. Matt Deckard

    Matt Deckard Man of Action

    At least Nordstrom's still has a jacket and tie policy for their employees.
  6. BellyTank

    BellyTank I'll Lock Up

    I know that here in Scandinavia, tie wearing in the workplace is not required- different if you're actually personally serving the public though of course.
    But then I wouldn't like to be forced to wear a tie if I was just working with 'the guys' in an office that doesn't see the light of day I guess.

    Ties go with suits- no suit, no need....

  7. Nathan Flowers

    Nathan Flowers Head Bartender Staff Member

    We're required to wear collared shirt and tie at my place of work, and I'm a civil servant.

    I work in a library that looks better than the Library of Congress (in my opinion), so we try to keep up appearances.
  8. Biltmore Bob

    Biltmore Bob Suspended

    Spring, Texas... Y'all...
    Sorry folks, I only wear a suit and tie to Church, and only sometimes to dinner.

    I work for myself, my uniform of the day, as it were, is khaki work chinos and a chambray shirt, fedora or eight panel cap. Sometimes boots but lately black leather low quarter blutcher oxfords.
  9. matei

    matei Practically Family

    I remember reading with great dismay that article.

    On my way in to work the other day (near Aldgate in London) I stopped on the corner and did a quick count of how many men were wearing ties with their suits. (Okay, a bit weird - but I had lots of time to kill)

    Out of the twenty gentlemen that passed by... only three were wearing ties! I was truly disappointed.

    Not only do men not seem to be wearing ties nowadays, but very, very few go through the effort to shine their shoes either.
  10. ClintonHammond

    ClintonHammond Suspended

    Windsor, Ontario
    I can't imagine why anyone wants to wear a noose around their neck...

    The are a necessary evil in dress wear, sure, but all the time? Makes me choke just thinking about it....
  11. Matt Deckard

    Matt Deckard Man of Action

    Bigger shirt collars.
  12. Chamorro

    Chamorro A-List Customer

    You know who is really to blame for this? Us. Americans. Even more specifically Californians. It's the Californication of the entire planet. Good or bad, depends on one's perspective ... although I do sometimes think society is becoming way too casual.

    And yes, I am not wearing a tie in my avatar. I didn't go to church that day ... ;)

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