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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by torfjord, May 24, 2020.

  1. torfjord

    torfjord Practically Family

    Clearing closet space and raising funds for my next jacket, so I’m letting a lot of great jackets go for really low prices. I love em, but have too many and they don’t get worn like they deserve. They will be available for a month.

    These are all more or less without any fault, anything major will be highlighted.

    Price excluding shipping from Sweden (about 30 € inside Europe and 60 € outside Europe). PayPal, buyer uses family and friends or pays the PP fee.

    Any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

    First out

    1. Woolrich jacket, sz 40
    40 €
    P2p: 65
    Shoulders: 52
    Sleeves: 64
    Back length: 62
    Hem: 50

    59E36459-0025-42AA-A2F5-BB32E55B8A22.jpeg 0BAF3128-43C8-407B-9361-D9AF412ADBF5.jpeg 6ACDF838-18A9-48B2-8CF0-030E6B069C97.jpeg F119E25F-DCDB-4441-B98B-62AAD6602C27.jpeg 51A77EE4-CCC1-426A-A6C2-86292D57C3E9.jpeg 76FA52FE-A000-4D60-B881-B75895EBA28F.jpeg
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  2. torfjord

    torfjord Practically Family

    2. Crocker Leather trucker jacket
    50 €
    This one has stitch holes on the back from a patch that was removed. They are hardly noticeable and I didn’t even see them on my first inspection. I tried to photograph them, but don’t know if they’re visible in the picture.

    P2p: 56,5 cm
    Shoulders: 52 cm
    Sleeves: 60 cm
    Back length: 57 cm
    Hem: 46 cm

    9B007EAA-635A-400E-A6B4-3DBBB64AA062.jpeg 543137B3-21C9-41FB-9CD8-88FB1F63F451.jpeg 4B394154-1737-4836-8C90-EF993D21A2AD.jpeg D56E1FE8-BA35-42E9-B92A-0F4016076937.jpeg 3719D6A4-3B30-459A-93E2-49AF3927EB34.jpeg 332006CF-9002-4AAA-BA3B-C2812CC09D59.jpeg
  3. torfjord

    torfjord Practically Family

    3. Lee 101 Storm rider
    50 €

    bought new a couple of years ago, tagged size medium but too small for me. Worn a handful of times only.

    P2p: 50 / 19.7
    Shoulders: 45 / 17.7
    Sleeves: 65 / 25.6
    Back length: 63 / 24.8
    Hem: 50 / 19.7

    53593D2D-CC84-4C28-8817-37AC566D7A70.jpeg E2B6D497-1EA4-49F8-BEFE-88AF3229B5B5.jpeg 0F2CD7A2-D051-418A-AD3C-88AF6F29F4EC.jpeg CA6EEB77-0DB7-4466-9BCD-BDDD11EC0B8E.jpeg

    4. Lee 101 chore coat
    50 €
    P2p: 58
    Shoulders: 47
    Sleeves: 67
    Back length: 75
    Hem: 53

    6797C94D-6C1A-401E-AEDD-9DFA02D8BBF7.jpeg 0167A444-7E22-4D37-8D61-F4B7ED6C45CD.jpeg F58C1CA7-D962-46A8-93C3-0A29B9546F5B.jpeg 8BAE2307-70CF-49BE-87CF-3E7D9F043DDC.jpeg

    5. Lee rider jacket
    30 €
    P2p: 54
    Shoulders: 47
    Sleeves: 68
    Back length: 66
    Hem: 52

    A729A405-9806-4381-9376-DB29710E5F5D.jpeg BD592362-316A-41C5-B983-6DB1C96C4178.jpeg
  4. torfjord

    torfjord Practically Family

    A6604435-A0A7-4307-B433-089D10882807.jpeg Last but not least the great 33 jacket from SJC. Bought new last winter, worn maybe 5 times.
    60 €
    P2p: 57
    Shoulders: 48
    Sleeves: 63
    Back length: 66
    Hem: 54

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  5. Rob The Gob

    Rob The Gob New in Town

    are there any fit pics of you in the woolrich and/or the 33?
  6. casterfield

    casterfield Familiar Face

    New York
    Love the storm rider and chore coat. GLWS
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  7. Dessy10

    Dessy10 New in Town

    Wish some of these were my size, That Simon James Cathcart must have cost a fortune new. Bargains
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  8. torfjord

    torfjord Practically Family

    A9648237-8B7F-46B4-9FEA-746C8AA32A41.jpeg 0B213FBE-5050-4F72-9758-D3A868FB2E7B.jpeg
    Hi Rob, apologies for the late reply. For some reason your question did not result in a notification so I missed it.

    Sure, I’ve got fit pics of both of them.
  9. torfjord

    torfjord Practically Family

    They really are bargains, the 33 jacket was close to 300 £ full price. I just don’t wear it enough to justify keeping it. Too many jackets. Hope someone else can enjoy it!

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