"Torrid Zone" - The Ultimate Panama Hat Movie

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    The ultimate panama, and other hot weather, hat movie has got to be Warner Brothers "Torrid Zone" from 1940, expertly directed by William Keighley, with a truly stellar superstar cast of James Cagney (with a mustache) and Pat O'Brien (at their fast-talking, wise-cracking best), together with Ann Sheridan (all teaming up together again in a delightful comic follow-up to their classic "Angels with Dirty Faces" from 1938), George Tobias (in his role-of-a-lifetime finally worthy of his talents), Andy Devine, Helen Vinson, Jerome Cowan, Frank Puglia, Grady Sutton, and other familiar faces attached to outstanding actors.

    A real gallery of the "golden age" of men's fashion hats (and movies). Nearly everyone in this film is outfitted with panama hats of the time, with everyone properly wearing a hat appropriate to their station and level of income. Check out the close-ups of big boss Pat O'Brien's optimo, for example. This was everyday workday attire back then, mind you.

    One great mystery in this film.
    Why is there a portrait of the famous Ukrainian writer and patriot, Ivan Franko, and other Ukrainians, prominently displayed on the wall of James Cagney's hotel room?

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