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Discussion in 'The Moving Picture' started by tuppence, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. tuppence

    tuppence Practically Family

    Hellbourne Australia
  2. MikeKardec

    MikeKardec One Too Many

    Los Angeles
    Seen it. Decent performances. Good depiction of the nightmare of getting involved in the clandestine world. Not too much of the over the top, BBC-esque, version of American bad guys; basically a rogue OSS operation is re-legitimized by some pre-CIA operatives to spy on British communists. The whole situation gets worse, and worse, and worse. Good sets, decent costumes, and typical British flubs on a few of the few firearms (UK films are pretty gun-illiterate these days).

    The most interesting, aspect for me (an ex-filmmaker), was the cinematography. It was shot in a shallow focus style with both real and faux Bokeh. Bokeh being the quality of the transition from in focus to out of focus aspects of the image. It can give an image a 3D feel, and an old-timey feel, and it hasn't been this exaggerated in very many films. It was a gutsy call but I think it worked. The show is also shot in a sort of "slow shaky cam" style where the camera is often moving, even swooping in and out and up and down ... but at no more than medium speed. It's not as bad as it sounds and again was not a bad call if you wanted to do something different and were making a film about a young girl caught up in the constantly morphing world of post war espionage.

    It's an interesting bit of TV and I'm ready for Season Two, or as they say across the pond Series Two.

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