Trouser problem- “floating” openings

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    There is a phenomenon I experience with my trousers sometimes, and I feel like I have with certain pairs my whole life, which makes no sense to me:

    Certain pairs will do this weird thing where they will constantly get caught in my shoe openings, as if the leg openings have no weight to them. I’m attaching three pics here showing it happening in the front and the back. Nothing I do solves it. Pairs like this will do it constantly when I walk or sometimes even when I just move slightly.

    Some culprits I’ve considered:

    - Wearing them too high or too low. Can’t be it because no matter what height I set them to, this occurs. I’ll put them low to where they’re crumpling and high to where you practically see sock- no difference.
    - Leg openings too narrow. But I don’t experience this with narrower trousers or other pairs with comparably-wide openings.
    - They need a cuff. I guess, but plenty of pairs without cuffs I have don’t suffer from this. Willing to do it if necessary though.
    - The front-to-back angle is wrong. Maybe?
    - The shape of the opening is wrong. Maybe?
    - The fabric is too light. Could be, especially as heavier/thicker trousers I have don’t experience this, but then I feel I have some light summer-weight ones that don’t have this issue.
    - Stiff laces when tied cause a “shelf” that prevents the leg from draping gracefully over the shoe. I have long suspected this one, and I do think it does cause problems (I detest stiff laces in part for this reason,) but I tried completely removing the laces and this didn’t solve it. Plus it doesn’t explain it happening in the back :).

    I’m baffled. Thoughts? :)


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  2. GHT

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    Have you tried using a pair of braces/suspenders? The phenomenon you write about has never happened to me and most of my trousers are twenty two inch hems.

    old photos 585.JPG
  3. BigBrother

    BigBrother One of the Regulars

    I’ll see if suspenders make a difference. From what I’m seeing I doubt it, but worth a shot!

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