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Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by dep126, Sep 10, 2010.

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    Hello, first post here. Been doing a lot of reading and searching but didn't find the exact answer. I'm in the process of getting a custom jacket from us authentic. I'm prob going to start with the sportster and make the following changes: A2 collar, storm flap for zipper, no zipper on pockets, and inch or two longer. I've got some leather samples coming but wanted some input. I'm hoping someone has some pics of the vintage horsehide. Also, would horsehide be too stiff for an everyday wear or should I have it made in something else? How warm are these jackets for winter. I live in Minnesota so it gets REALLY cold up here. They can add either a fixed thinsulate lining or removable wool lining. I appreciate any thoughts, concerns or other suggestions. Thanks for all the help.
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    Welcome to this great forum,

    My first impression when receiving us auhentic's leather samples none of them was thin. Everything is tough and not easy to rub off the pigment. And i think the vintage horsehide is the best looking hide there, although a member here stated that it is oil pulled method which is not usually found in classic A-2 jacket. Other thing is their vintage horsehide is rarely found in evil bay, so i think people liking it very much.

    Other thing to consider:

    They tend to be made in longish measurement so consider the less pricey off the rack jackets

    * i have several pics of the vintage horsehide, i'll se what i can do - pm me your email address.

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    yeah I tried on their 42 A-2 and it was too long all over. Well made but I hated the fit. They'll hem the cuffs free of charge but they don't tell you up front that the jackets are cut very long to begin with. I suppose they want you to figure it out yourself. Plus, the woman I spoke to on the phone after I realized the fit was off spoke to me as if I was annoying the crap out of her.lol

    Here's my review if it helps. Jacket was a goat I believe.

  4. atkins

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    Looks good to me

    Captain,it looks good to me. I wish my GB A-2 i had had that same type of length on the sleeves.
  5. kojax

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    thank you for the pictures kojax
  6. Edward

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    "Of course, the sleeves will ride up with wear."

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    I'm Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee;)

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