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USAAF clothing and equipment contracts

Discussion in 'WWII' started by LB44, May 19, 2018.

  1. LB44

    LB44 New in Town

    If anyone is interested , i have been compiling separate lists of clothing and equipment contractors to the USAAF . These lists combine contract /order numbers along with the contract award date and value of the contract .
    So far i have the lists for the Type B10/A9 B15/A11 B15a/A11a jackets trousers combo
    Also have a list for the Type A10 gloves and part lists for the Type A4 flight suit and Type B1 flight suit , as you might know , these never had the maker name on the label . So i think i have unearthed something hitherto unknown ??

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  2. rocketeer

    rocketeer Call Me a Cab

    No replies eh! Makes it look like those who have the knowledge have all done a bunk to the "Vintage leather Jackets" forum as most of your question is for flying gear. I'm not allowed in there(VLJ as it is known as in this lounge) as my interest is more aimed at the men and machinery rather than who made the stuff.
    To say I am not interested maybe a little harsh, but can be of interest in a fit of a jacket or gloves etc if you like the style and would like a repro if one is made.
    That said a slim fitting reproduction of the real thing goes out of the window if you are a 15 stone armchair aviator like me:D

    P.S. have you asked the same question in the 'Outerwear' pages
  3. Edward

    Edward Bartender

    London, UK
    This would be great information to have on here - yes please. There's lots known about the A2, less all these other bits.
  4. Big J

    Big J Call Me a Cab

    Sounds like an interesting project in the sense of cataloging information before it is lost, not sure how that information would actually be of any use though. But maybe I lack vision.

    @rocketeer, I never trust self-proclaimed internet 'experts' (especially those who post under aliases ;) ) especially when the topic in question is jackets, since you never know who these people may really be representing (they do seem to name drop a lot about their relationships with personalities in the repro business) and they never seem know anything that isn't in Gary Eastman's book already.

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